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The Dark Harbor Mini Series By Brandt Peters & Kathie Olivas Online Now!

Deep in the darkest depths of the seas…we always wonder whats waiting for us. In this case, we hear there are some creepy and yet misunderstood creatures… here is our friend Chris Holt to tell you about our new Dark Harbor Mini Series by Brandt Peters and kathie Olivas  The sea is a place of awe and wonder, which is no surprise that Brandt Peters and Kathie Olivas found it to be a perfect setting for their Kidrobot mini series, Dark Harbor.  Taking place in the time before the popular 13 Dunnys came to be, this cast of characters revolves around a young girl named Lucy Curious, the sole survivor of a horrible ship wreck.  Her dear friend Lord Strange had gone out to find her when her boat never arrived and then found himself trapped in a hidden world.  Now it is up to her to continue his work in the hopes that she can one day bring him home.

This blind box mini series contains a cast of characters that tell a story unlike any before it, and as someone who enjoys a good tale this is one of the best thought out series I’ve ever seen.  Even if we never get to see it in written form just looking at each figure gives you a sense of the role they would play.  Sold blind boxed, the figure you receive will be a mystery as great as the one Lucy Curious finds herself faced with.



Start the adventure now at www.kidrobot.com.

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Mr. Watt Anatomical Dunny By Johnny Draco Available Now!

    Thursday’s dont get enough credit…. we gave Wednesday hump day and made meme…

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Throwback Thursday: The Horrible Adorables!

This mini series could take over the world. In fact I think a lot of…

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Transformer vs GI Joe Megatron Medium Art Figure Release!

And here we have another awesome bog on the new Transformers vs GI Joe Medium Art Figure as told by our good friend Chris Holt aka The Toy Viking. You got the Cobra Commander medium figure, but you know you need his robotic bestie to complete your axis of cartoon evil.  So, dun dun duuuuuuuuun may I present to you….MEGATRON!  Dude is seriously mean looking, right?  You see him coming at you and you can throw your negotiating skills right out the window.  Unless that just happens to be a giant cat toy he has hanging down from his arm.  Is Megatron a secret kitty lover and his anger stems from the fact that he can’t enjoy petting them with his metal hands?  Have I single handedly found out the information that will forever change the landscape of Cybertron?  Can this please be what the next Transformers film is centered around?

This version is from the uber popular G.I. Joe vs. Transformers comic series, in which the two storied franchises finally collide over the fate of the Earth.  I’ve never had anyone fight over me before, let alone in space.  It’s kind of a nice feeling.



Available now in the standard and Kidrobot exclusive edition by visiting www.kidrobot.com.

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Kidrobot Transformers vs GI Joe Mini Series Available Online Now!

This mini series could take over the world. In fact I think a lot of the characters in this series tried to! Here is another awesome blog brought to you by our good friend Chris Holt aka The Toy Viking on the new and powerful Transformers vs GI Joe Mini Series available online now at www.kidrobot.com!

Check out these mini figures from the popular G.I. Joe vs Transformers comics, in which the Decepticons are trying to take over earth, but G.I. Joe was like “not today, rust buckets” and team up with the Autobots, but then Cobra gets involved with the bad dudes and craziness ensues.  Can you imagine living in a world where all this is just common place?  And you thought things were beyond explanation now when you watched the news.

Sold blind box style, each figure is a mystery but you know what isn’t?  The epic battles you’ll have with em!  If anyone asks it is perfectly acceptable to play with toys at any age and it is not weird if you make explosion and face punch noises to accompany the action.  You may not want to do it while serving on a jury, but any other time is fine.


Available now at www.kidrobot.com.

Article source: https://blog.kidrobot.com/kidrobot-transformers-vs-gi-joe-mini-series-available-online-now/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=rss

Care Bears x Linda Panda: Perfect & Polite Panda Online Now!

We are so pleased to announce another artist as part of our Care Bears female artist series! Today, on www.kidrobot.com the Linda Panda Polite and Perfect panda. We had the pleasure of previously working with Linda on the Crayola Critters Mini series and now this adorable piece is another perfect addition to the collection… We asked her a few questions about being an artist and her new piece check it out!…..

What is a memorable experience you have of someone’s reaction to your work/your art?

One year my mom came to see my booth at Designer Con. As I sat down  to finish up a commission she told me that she saw people standing at my booth with big smiles on their faces while they looked at my art prints. She told me my artwork was making everyone smile and it made her so happy to see me bringing joy to other people. I love that my art brings joy to others.


  1. What is one of your favorite things about this piece?

I love that the bears can hold hands, just like how they did in the show!


  1. What was your first toy you made with Kidrobot?

The Crayola Critters series!


  1. Why a panda? Is it your favorite animal?

Pandas are my favorite animals so I thought this was a perfect opportunity to bring The Perfect Pandas into the Artist Series.


  1. If you could live in any other time period when would it be and why?

If I could live in a different time period it would definitely be the 50s because of the amazing design and fashion sense. I’m often times on the hunt for great vintage wears!


  1. What was one of the challenges you ran into with this piece?

Since I design a lot of toys for the mass market toy industry I was worried that my design for this series felt too “commercial” and I always look at Kid Robot as being more cool, edgy and avant-garde. So I found myself second guessing my design a lot, worried people might not find it cool enough. In the end I had so much fun working on these and was so honored Kid Robot asked me to take part in this series and just stuck to my guns!


  1. When did you first start doing art?

I remember seriously loving art when I was 10. I was in the 5th grade and won a small art competition in my class and it perked my interest to continue developing my love for art.


  1. What’s something you LOVE about the art/vinyl toy world?

I love that people are creating their own toys and characters through the vinyl toy world. In a time where content is dominated by established licenses and characters, it takes so much courage and hard work to put your own creation out there. So I commend all the vinyl toy artists who keep creating, and I hope they can continue to keep that dream alive!


  1. Tell us something your fans might not know about you…

I have ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response), a term used for an experience characterized by a relaxing tingling sensation that happens typically on the back of my head and runs down my back. For many people this sensation is triggered by watching and listening to crinkling sounds, light tapping, and soft spoken or whispered dialogue. There’s a whole community for ASMR on YouTube. It is so relaxing sometimes that I watch a YouTube video and pass out!

Article source: https://blog.kidrobot.com/care-bears-x-linda-panda-perfect-polite-panda-online-now/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=rss