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kaNO gets “Lost & Found”


Get ready New York because there is an epic opening of style tonight!

myplasticheart presents Lost Found, featuring new works by our friend and New York native kaNO. His new exhibition showcases a compilation of reclaimed objects, sampled and remixed for your visual pleasure. From obsolete items to everyday objects, kaNO takes you on a mixed medium ride as he redefines them into art pieces. Look for everything from reclaimed 8-track tapes brought back to life with brilliant art to discarded cd cases that are now perfect for your wall!

The opening reception goes down TONIGHT  May 16th from 6-9PM EDT at myplasticheart in the Lower East Side NYC. kaNO will be in attendance so you can talk about his work and probably question him about an upcoming series we are all waiting for. DJ Chela will be spinning for your pleasure while you munch on the refreshments. The exhibition runs through June 15th.

Lost Found – New Works by kaNO
Opening Reception Friday, May 16th, 2014 6 – 9pm,
Exhibition runs through June 15th, 2014

210 Forsyth St.
NY, NY 10002
(646) 290-6866

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Dunny Series 2014. Art of War

Got an unanswerable question about toys? Art? Relationships? Ask, and we’ll answer! Send an email to gage@kidrobot.com, and Kidrobot’s Social Media maven will share insights and wisdom right here on the blog.

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A Kidrobot Announcement

Dear Kidrobot Community,

As Kidrobot continues to evolve as a company, our business strategy will increase focus on Kidrobot’s key dealer network and web brand presence. This, however, does not mean the company you have grown to love will change our commitment to high-quality products, brand partnerships, or artist relations.

This re-prioritization of our sales channels means we must make difficult decisions: unfortunately we will be closing the Kidrobot LA store May 30.

By choosing to reevaluate in markets where others carry on our mission to deliver top-caliber designer toy experiences, Kidrobot can remain dedicated to advancing art through toys and creating a solid customer-base for our offbeat product-encounters for you, our fans. Los Angeles is a community that has developed a robust network of designer toy retailers- Kidrobot knows our fans will be well taken care of by these and other amazing partners:

  • BAIT
  • Pop Monster
  • Toy Zoo
  • 3DRetro
  • Toy Art Gallery
  • A Shop Called Quest (Redlands, CA)
  • GUNNZO (San Diego, CA)
  • Gallery, Festival, and Pop-Up locations

From everyone at Kidrobot over the years and in all our locations, we give our thanks to the fans, collectors and customers for the support you have shown Kidrobot and the love we hope you will continue to share with our partners.  We thank the committed artists for their friendship and collaboration; we thank the local businesses and brands for their continued camaraderie and creativity. And, a special thank you to our dedicated store staff who represent Kidrobot.


With Respect and a Bot of Love,





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Product Preview: Lemon Drop. 3inch Dunny by Andrew Bell

A vibrant yellow sun shines through a visage of oil and smoke. Featuring Andrew Bell’s illustrative imagery set off by a translucent yellow fade. Bright and bold and beautiful.

Lemon Drop is available at Kidrobot Stores, Kidrobot.com, and Select Specialty Stores on May 22, 2014 for $14.99

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Keep Kronking!

We haven’t heard from our favorite Johannesburg artist, Kronk in a bit, and we thought we would see what he is up to.

Looks like he hasn’t been resting much at all and has a strict regimen of designing, designing, and more designing. When he is not playing around with his own personal logos, he is hard at work with Mingo Lamberti designing pillows or Snapp design coasters with the South African flare. Have no fear though, he is still knee deep in the vinyl world with his latest “Bad Ass” from Pobber and the ornate  ”Madam Mayhem”.

All this great work has us thirsty for more Kronk! Maybe we will see some more eye candy sooner than later!

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An Interview with Mike Fudge by Kidrobot Boulder

Got an unanswerable question about toys? Art? Relationships? Ask, and we’ll answer! Send an email to gage@kidrobot.com, and Kidrobot’s Social Media maven will share insights and wisdom right here on the blog.

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