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Get Captivated with Toy Photography from BigToyPoo!

What can we say beyond, “Wow just wow!”?  Bigtoypoo, co-founder of www.thetoychronicle.com is putting out simple brilliant toy photos on his instagram feed!

His setups with toys like the Dunny and Labbit not only embody the toy toy itself but also the entire setup becomes it’s own world and artistic wonder. We have everything from Drilone Dunny battling Huck’s Mechs to a Wolverine Labbit getting his claws into no good! And it looks like Bigtoypoo is having lots of fun making these because the  images are fun themselves.

Check out his instagram for more, but here are some of our favorites.

What do you think?

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Keeping up with Mishka!

We are only 3 days away from the epic drop of the Mishka’s new Bad News Dunny 8” and 3” Kodiak and Polar Editions, and we thought it would be a good time to see what kind of trouble Mishka has gotten into recently.

Since it was their turf, New York Comic Con was a “no brainer”. Basically, Mishka owned NYCC. Besides a killer booth and antics, you also got an early glimpse of the soon to be famous Dunny.


Hopefully this past weekend you got to check out the secret walls work down on Mulberry street.


We can’t forget all the original work with fellow NY player Sucklord. Doin up some OGs for a Sucklord toy release.
The  Bad News Dunny drops October 24th and is available on Kidrobot’s Website and select retailers. Don’t forget, one lucky buyer of the supremely limited 8” Polar edition will win the other three Dunnys… for FREE! That includes both 3” versions and the 8” Kodiak Edition… that basically means one lucky buyer is going to get a much larger box than they expected when the UPS driver shows up… pretty awesome!

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Monster Show 8 at Insomnia!


Get ready for the eigth installment of  the Monster Show created by Russell Etchen and put on at Domy Books (in Austin and Houston) opening this Saturday, October 18! Insomnia is excited to make this their first gallery presentation and they hope you will join them for this opening reception.

The show is simple and season appropriate- monsters on paper!

Monster Show Eight

Saturday, October 18, 2014
724 W 19th St. Houston, TX 77008
7-10pm, FREE

Exhibition runs for one week only, through October 25th

Featuring artwork by

Aleisha Bayron
Angel Garza
Angela Zavala
Beau Pope
Blake Jones
Chris Heard
Crux Delgado
Darcy Rosenberger
Eric Castorena
Gabriel Dieter
Jenn Fox
Jessica Lam
Jessica Ninci
Johnny Jackson
Josiah A.W.
Josie Devora
Justin Dunford
Katie Mulholland
Letty Perez
Lisa Marie Hunter
Matt Manalo
Matt Messinger
Michael C. Rodriguez
Molly Rodriguez
Nathan Dosher
Nathan Williams
Nicky Davis
Rene Cruz
Roland Garza
Sarah Welch
The Olive Knight
Valerie G.
Wizard of Barge

+ more!!

Did we mention free drinks and a food truck on site?

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Keep Watch! This Dunny must be seen to be believed!

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Collection Showcase:Kmurray

TGIF and we have another image packed Collection Showcase for all you Kidrobot heads out there. This time around, we have one of our lovely ladies of the Kidrobot Forum, Kmurray.
As you will see, Kmurray has a deep love of Futurama, The Simpsons, and Southpark, and we do too. She sent over a ton of images, and we had to narrow them down a bit. Now we did narrow them down, but left you a quite a few to ogle over.

Behold the amazing collection of Kmurray!




Article source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/KidrobotKRonikle/~3/70Hp2-I7V3g/

DC Labbit Blister Cards Available Now!

DC Universe and Labbit come together at last as six deeply disgruntled DC Universe Labbit Blister Card figuresSuperman, Batman, Bane, RedHood, Green Lantern and Cyborg. These 2.5” vinyl anti-heroes are jacked up and ready to fight… crime? each other? your mother? Each comes with their own stupid accessory. But who cares? Labbit doesn’t.


Available NOW on kidrobot.com, Kidrobot stores, and select retailers for $9.99.


And keep your eyes peeled… more to come from DC and kidrobot soon!


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