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Dialed In 150: A cell phone sesquicentennial

It’s a big day Dialed In as we hit our 150th episode, Bonnie makes it back to San Francisco for a special visit and Jessica marks the day before her birthday. We also have a lot to get through today as the usual preholiday deluge of new phones is reaching its height. As it always does, Samsung is spinning out the most new models with six handsets unveiled in just the last week. Also in the podcast, Jessica examines the minimum requirements for an Android phone, Nicole polls readers on what kind of keybaord they prefer, the first
Windows Phone 7 devices go on sale, and we get to our latest reviews.

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Rumor du Jour: Gingerbread comes out of the oven on November 11
Motorola Droid Pro preorders start tomorrow
Samsung Continuum debuts with ticker display
First Windows Phone 7 devices on sale now
Motorola Citrus gets pricing and availability
Get your LG Optimus T for free
Which style of phone keyboard do you prefer?
Samsung Zeal brings e-ink back to Verizon
MetroPCS plucks the apple-red Samsung Contour
Samsung Solstice II arriving at ATT for $30
The hardware guts of your Android phone

Samsung M360
Motorola Defy
RIM BlackBerry Pearl 3G 9100
HTC HD7 (T-Mobile)
Samsung Mesmerize (U.S. Cellular)
ZTE Agent (MetroPCS)
Samsung Evergreen (ATT)

Upcoming reviews
Samsung Solstice II (MetroPCS)
Messager III (MetroPCS)
SGH-A197 GoPhone (ATT)
LG Octane
LG Optimus S
Pantech Crux
HTC Wildfire (Alltel)

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Kobe plays shooting guard in new Call Of Duty ad

Activision is launching “Call of Duty: Black Ops” November 9. So it needs everyone to get very worked up about the idea of a new way to shoot the living daylights out of those who occasionally enjoy the sight of living daylight.

And when I say “everyone,” I mean every concierge, every mystery meat salesman, every businesswoman, every Best Buy salesperson, every sportsman, and every comedian. Well, they’re everymen too, you know.

So please rejoice in the sight of Kobe Bryant (reportedly a deeply committed “Call of Duty” player) appearing as if he’s wafting along the streets of Baghdad looking for a little action. And look, there’s Jimmy Kimmel, grabbing a grenade launcher and falling over backward with laughter. Your laughter, that is.

Many will find this spot so charming because it glorifies fabulously indiscriminate violence in a beautifully stylized manner. It captures the hungry eyes of soldier-gamers who suddenly find themselves clutching real weapons as opposed to the anodyne consoles with which they normally have to satisfy themselves.

Who cannot be hypnotized by the sight of the lady with the glasses and the puffy purple sleeves? She seems to reach some considerable level of excitement on grasping her gun and raiding a little house which was, no doubt, full of bad, or at least troublingly incomprehensible, people. Or recalcitrant customers of Best Buy, perhaps.

And in the middle of it all is Bryant, he whose jersey remains the top seller in the NBA. Feel his ecstasy as he wears his red Nike T-shirt, clutches a very large black gun with “Mamba” written on it (Kobe calls himself “The Black Mamba”), and shoots at some unknown target. No, I don’t think it’s Shaq.

Once this launch ad for a game rated M for Mature is done, some might experience one particularly mature thought: it’s just so boring being a concierge, working at Best Buy, sitting in meetings in a tight pencil skirt, or slogging through Philadelphia on the way to complete the 82 deadly dull games that comprise the regular NBA season.

Not when you can shoot, shoot, shoot your way through the day. Oh, did I fail to mention that everyone in this spot was shooting real guns? Not that it matters.

As the ad says, there is a soldier in all of us. Yes, indeed. Even in the kids. Even in the little kids.

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Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner: TIE Fighter combat meets augmented reality

Think “Star Wars” games have been done to death? I guarantee you’ve never seen anything like Star Wars Arcade: Falcon Gunner. It’s like the PC classic “TIE Fighter” mixed with the ingenious UFO on Tape mixed with the Layar Reality Browser.

Confused? This video might help:

Millennium Falcon AR Test from Josh Shabtai on Vimeo.

As you can see, the game overlays itself on whatever appears in your
iPhone camera lens. Point it at the night sky and, presto, you’re blasting TIE fighters in outer space. Point it at the dog and, um, presto, you’re blasting TIE fighters coming from your dog.

Whether or not this turns out to be cool or just plain weird remains to be seen. Fortunately, Falcon Gunner also comes with rendered backgrounds, just in case you’re not into the whole augmented-reality thing.

According to Gizmodo, the game “will also feature other iconic moments from the Star Wars universe,” like the Battle of Hoth and escape from the Death Star. It’s due later this month for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, and the fourth-gen
iPod Touch (the one with the camera, natch). Pricing has not yet been announced.

What do you think? Will Falcon Gunner rank alongside the terrific Star Wars: Trench Run or have all the one-trick-pony appeal of Star Wars: Cantina?

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Mini action flick filmed entirely on Nokia N8

Our opinion of the Nokia N8 has been hotly debated, but we’ve always maintained that the hardware is brilliant. Now, a new short film has been released on YouTube that showcases the phone’s impressive 12-megapixel camera.

“The Commuter” was shot entirely on the Nokia N8 utilizing the phone’s 720p HD video-recording capability. It’s actually a very entertaining little action movie, starring Dev Patel from “Slumdog Millionaire.” The film tells the story of Patel’s character, a commuter who is forced to make a perilous journey to work after a traffic warden, played by Charles Dance, clamps his

Read more of “Nokia N8 showcased with mini action movie starring Pamela Anderson” at Crave UK.

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Which do you pick first: Carrier or phone?

Buying a cell phone involves a lot of choices. Not only do you have to select the phone, but you also have to pick a carrier. For those new to cell phones, I usually advise buyers to think first about the carrier–it’s important to find a plan you can afford and go with a wireless provider that offers good service in your area–though I know some consumers prefer to choose the phone first.

That can even be true for people who have been with a carrier for a few years. Just throw a hot handset into the equation and some users will switch in a heartbeat, even if it means paying an early-termination fee. I first saw it happen in large numbers when then Cingular Wireless got the Motorola Razr V3. And, of course, the
iPhone caused mass defection as well.

So I ask you, dear readers, which buying process do you follow? Do you go with the carrier first or do you consider the handset choice to be more important? Let me know in the poll.

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