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iPhone DJ Apps

DJ App iOSAlthough there’s been no shortage of iPhone DJ apps in the past few years, they’ve remained fairly niche, since Apple didn’t allow devs official access to the iPod music library — mobile DJs needed to upload a second separate music library per app, and that’s no fun at all. Looks like that’s about to change, though: one of the 1500 new APIs in iOS 4 provides direct access to the iPod library, meaning music apps of all kinds can play your tracks in any wacky way they want — including, yes, scratching them. The first app to support the new API in the store is Flare Scratch, which is a relatively simple scratch app — we just gave it a shot and yes, it does indeed load tracks from the iPod library and let you scratch ’em. There’s a bit of a wait when loading up a new track, though, so it’s not totally fluid to use in anything but a hey-this-is-fun context, but we’re betting we’ll see more serious DJ apps hit with smoother transitions soon enough — and we can’t wait to see what devs do once iOS 4 hits the iPad and they’ve got more room to work with.


What Would Happen If the Earth Stopped Spinning?

Earth Stop Spinning Skrhak
“The following is not a futuristic scenario. It is not science fiction. It is a demonstration of…an extremely unlikely, yet intellectually fascinating query: What would happen if the earth stopped spinning?” SPOILER: Our continents become one.  If that spoiler wasn’t enough, the slightly longer explanation is that, without centrifugal force, the ocean water near the equator would migrate to where the Earth’s gravity is the strongest, the poles, leaving us with dry land in the middle.

The Skrhak’s New Home…

I wish.  🙁

Made of wood, steel, and glass, glass, and more glass, this house is an environmentally-friendly waterfront.






Mario Bros. projected over a sidewalk

Good use of camera motion tracking technology:

Super Mario Bros. from Surfap on Vimeo.