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N-trig release teases that Fujitsu’s Stylistic Q702 will come with active pen support

Fujitsu STYLISTIC Q702 Incorporates N-trig Active Pen and Multi-Touch

Business Hybrid Tablet the First to Ship with DuoSense® Fourth Generation Product Line

KFAR SABA, Israel–(BUSINESS WIRE)–N-trig, providers of the DuoSense pen and multi-touch user interface, today announced that Fujitsu’s new STYLISTIC Q702 business hybrid tablet incorporates the new DuoSense fourth generation (G4) product line. Designed for enterprise use, with the ultimate goal of being used with the Windows® 8 operating system, the versatile device can be used as a tablet, but also features a unique attachable keyboard docking station for transformation into a traditional notebook-style computer. The STYLISTIC Q702 is the first device on the market to use the G4 DuoSense solution featuring active pen and multi-touch capabilities on the same touch sensor.

“We created this innovative form factor in response to both market demand and our observations of how mobile devices are used in the workplace,” said Paul Moore, Vice President, Product Marketing and Development at Fujitsu America. “By combining the accuracy, precision and natural feel of the DuoSense active pen with the benefits of a full keyboard, the STYLISTIC Q702 enables a level of content creation unmatched by any other device on the market.”

The STYLISTIC Q702 features an 11.6-inch HD display with a precise active pen and 10-finger multi-touch user interface. The enhanced DuoSense solution provides increased processing power and delivers a faster, more responsive user interface. The newly upgraded active pen includes an innovative tip design that provides the high accuracy required for flawless handwriting recognition together with unparalleled palm rejection technology that enables a natural pen-on-paper handwriting experience.

“Our new active pen combines the comfort and familiarity of writing on paper with the convenience and portability of mobile computing,” said Gary Baum, AVP Product Marketing. “For this reason, it is a perfect match for the STYLISTIC Q702, which offers an unprecedented mix of mobility and productivity for the enterprise.”

The new device is ideal for such industries as sales, healthcare/life science, government, education, finance and manufacturing. N-trig’s active pen enables smooth and simple content creation in a mobile environment, empowering enterprise users to conduct on-screen editing, precise drawing and designing, document-signing and long-distance collaboration.

Article source: http://www.engadget.com/2012/09/24/n-trig-pen-fujitsu-stylistic-q702/

Story time with Jalen Rose: Vince Carter body slam


NBA, Dallas Mavericks, Toronto Raptors, Vince Carter, Jalen Rose

Article source: http://espn.go.com/blog/dallas/mavericks/post/_/id/4691766/story-time-with-jalen-rose-vince-carter-body-slam

Boxee’s Early Access program is looking for a few good testers, dangles Cloudee preview

While Boxee’s oddly shaped set-top box is still its main claim to fame, it’s been testing a cloud-based video hosting / sharing service for several months in closed beta. We got a peek at Cloudee, which could evolve into additional features for the Boxee Box some day, back then but you could get your own peek as Boxee is recruiting new (US-based only, for now) blood for its Early Access program. According to the Facebook posting you could get to test some new things for the Boxee and Cloudee projects, so if you’re a fan in need of storage and like living on the cutting edge, hit the source link for a shot at joining in.

Article source: http://www.engadget.com/2012/09/24/boxees-early-access-program-is-looking-for-a-few-good-testers/

NVIDIA to offer up documentation for Tegra graphics core to prove its commitment to open-source (video)

NVIDIA to offer up documentation for Tegra graphics core to prove its commitment to opensource

There’s nothing like a little smack talk to light the fire under certain derrieres. It’s been a few months since Linus Torvalds got verbal about NVIDIA’s support for the semi-eponymous OS, prompting the chip-maker to say “supporting Linux is important to us.” Proving that its word is good, NVIDIA will be releasing programming documentation for its Tegra architecture graphics core. The news comes from a talk given by Lucas Stach of the Nouveau project (who develop free drivers for the NVIDIA platform) at the XDC2012 conference. The focus will initially be on Tegra’s 2D rendering engine, but it’s hopes the 3D will soon follow. So, while Torvalds’ approach might have been a little bit brusque, you can’t fault its effectiveness. Video of the XDC talk after the break.

Article source: http://www.engadget.com/2012/09/23/nvidia-to-offer-up-documentation-for-tegra-graphics-core/

Aptina unveils 1-inch sensor with 1080p video at 120FPS, we suspect Nikon wants 1

Aptina Introduces High Performance Camera Sensor to Bridge and Mirrorless Camera Market

New Aptina Consumer Camera Image Sensor Combines Larger Size with Unique Pixel for Performance and Speed

SAN JOSE, Calif. COLOGNE, Germany-(BUSINESS WIRE)-Aptina, a global provider of CMOS imaging solutions enabling Imaging Everywhere™, announced today the release of the AR1011HS digital camera image sensor. The new 1-inch optical format sensor is ideal for enabling high quality bridge and mirrorless cameras and targets Tier-1 camera OEMs. The sensor provides 10-megapixel (MP) resolution, 3.4-micron pixels, with Aptina’s DR-Pix™ technology, delivering uncompromised low light and bright light scene image quality. The AR1011HS high-speed sensor architecture is capable of reading full 10MP resolution at 60fps, and enables a variety of video modes, including broadcast quality quad high definition (HD), oversampled 1080p for True HD resolution, 1080p video at 120 frames per second, and additional high frame rate modes for slow motion playback.

“The AR1011HS image sensor is a great match for the performance-oriented bridge and mirrorless camera market,” said Sandor Barna, Vice President and General Manager of Aptina’s Consumer Camera business. “Image quality and speed are the two things this market cannot compromise on. Tier-1 OEMs competing in this market are looking for increasingly versatile solutions to meet the demand for speed and performance, and this sensor provides both.”

Integrating Aptina’s DR-Pix™ technology, the AR1011HS delivers both high-pixel sensitivity for low-light imaging, and high-pixel capacity for bright outdoor scenes. The combination of this outstanding pixel performance and high-speed readout technologies enables fast, vivid broadcast quality video and high-end still image capture quality in a single sensor solution.

The AR1011HS uses Aptina’s advanced 24-lane HiSPi™ High Speed Serial Pixel Interface for fast data transfer. HiSPi is an open access, scalable technology that enables 1080p/120 fps performance (and beyond) and has been adopted by many of Aptina’s business partners to meet the challenges of high-speed, low-power consumption data transfer.


Aptina’s AR1011HS image sensor is currently sampling in limited volumes and will be in mass production in Q1CY13.

The AR1011HS image sensor will be available for customers to view, by invitation only, during the 2012 Photokina show in Cologne, Germany, September 18-23, 2012.

About DR-Pix Technology

DR-Pix technology combines two modes of operation in one pixel design – low conversion gain mode for large charge handling capacity in bright scenes and a high conversion gain mode with increased sensitivity and low read noise for low-light scenes. The result is a sensor that offers the best possible noise performance over all ISO speed conditions.

Article source: http://www.engadget.com/2012/09/23/aptina-unveils-1-inch-sensor-with-120fps-1080p-video-likely-for-nikon/

Twitter CEO reveals plans for interactive tweets, content curation, reinforces belief in syndication

Twitter CEO reveals plans for interactive tweets, content curation, reinforces belief in syndication

Twitter has ruffled a few feathers recently, so when CEO Dick Costolo took the stage at the Online News Association conference in San Francisco, he took the opportunity to put some minds at rest. First he dismissed the idea that the service would become a media company by forcing users to the site or official app for content, before reasserting his belief in syndication. Costolo then went on to imply that the reason behind the tighter (and unpopular) API controls was ensuring quality — stating that Twitter would reach its full potential now there’s more control over how tweets are delivered. With boots strapped, we can look forward to some new features, such as the option to curate messages that are published (such as during live events) plus tweets with interactive features like polls during live sports games. The famous 140 character limit is to remain, but will also serve as a “caption for additional functionality.” Perhaps of most interest to disenfranchised developers, however, was the mention of application functionality in tweets, where short messages could contain small interactive apps. Something for devs to get potentially get back on board with? We hope so. But until further details unfold, we’re still left considering our options.

Article source: http://www.engadget.com/2012/09/22/twitter-ceo-reveals-plans-for-interactive-tweets/