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Mario Bros. projected over a sidewalk

Good use of camera motion tracking technology:

Super Mario Bros. from Surfap on Vimeo.

Quantum of Solace (2nd watch)

Quantum of SolaceI hardly make it to theaters these days, so most of the movies I will be reviewing are old and seen at home on Starz, Showtime, etc.  My spelling and grammar sucks, so no complaining about that as well.  Ok, here we go.

This is a good movie.  Compared to the last decade of Pierce Brosnan crap, these movies are fantastic. Daniel Craig’s acting is serious and aggressive.  There is a great boat scene believe it or not, with some cool camera shots.  The intro song is great as well.  The only thing lacking in this movie are the sweet cars and hot bond girls.

YouTube video of “Another Way To Die” featuring Alicia Keys and Jack White: