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Throwback Thursday: The First 5-Inch Dunny!

This past Friday, August 4th, Kidrobot in collaboration with Rule Gallery and Leisure Gallery hosted…

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Kidrobot Labbit T-Shirts Available Now

We know the root of Kidrobot comes from supporting Art that may not be mainstream and making the right apparel to support that. So not only can you be a part of something thats on display in our home, you can wear it. Kidrobot is working on bringing back that style and to start we are releasing the new Labbit T-Shirts. Lets let Chris Holt aka The Toy Viking tell you how he feels about our new release..
I like Labbits and I’m forced to wear shirts, so Kidrobot has created the ideal setup for me with this trio.  I’d wear shirts anyway even if it wasn’t considered the decent thing to do because people running around bare chested in the summer always weird me out.  I totally get that it’s hot and you’re just looking for a bit of relief, but is removing your shirt really making that much of a difference?  Is it just cause you want to wear it again and not have to wash the sweat stains out first?  I’m the kind of guy that will wear his shirt at the pool despite the ridicule I face or the chance that my water logged band tee could make the act of swimming a dangerous proposition.  Not cause I’m really self conscious about how I look (I am) but because my skin burns like I sweat kerosene.  And you would think I’d get tan as a result but no, it just peels off and I think I’m actually paler than when I started.  If you are picturing a delicious piece of fried chicken before and after you take a bite, then you have the right idea.

The awesome thing about shirts is that you can put cool designs on them to express how you feel.  The exact opposite is true about pants, because the minute you add a cartoon character or logo to those you look like a crazy person.  Thankfully, Kidrobot has refrained from making Labbit branded jeans, and has instead made these three killer tee shirts.  With one click on www.kidrobot.com you could update a good portion of your wardrobe and finally donate those ugly ones you got from Spring Break of ’99.  Your mom will be proud of how responsible you’ve become.


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The Kidrobot x DC Batman Dunny Mini Series Release

We dont need to shine a light in the sky for The Toy Viking to know when he is needed…here is another blog by our hero, Chris Holt aka The Toy Viking on Kidrobot’s new Batman Dunny Mini Series.

Dun na na na na na na na na DUNNY! Ok, I admit I went after the low hanging fruit on that one, but sometimes you can’t resist the guaranteed win.  Batman never took the easy way out though, as he trained like a Spartan to bring justice to Gotham City.  I couldn’t commit like that and would have instead leaned heavily on my billions to fight crime from the comfort of my sofa.  He’s part of the way there with all the sick technology in the Batcave, but pushing it just a bit further and he could live the life of a hero and be on a never ending vacation.  Though I suppose there is something to say for that special feeling you get when you punch a bad guy in the face, and you really shouldn’t try to replicate that at home.

Kidrobot’s latest Dunny series has taken the world of the Dark Knight and presented in a way no one could have ever imagined.  With each blind box you open will you get a super hero, or will your luck bring you face to face with some of the worst villains of all time?  Pick some up today from www.kidrobot.com and find out.

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Throwback Thursday Willy Wolf!

This past Friday, August 4th, Kidrobot in collaboration with Rule Gallery and Leisure Gallery hosted…

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Kidrobot’s Show Me The Munny Event

This past Friday, August 4th, Kidrobot in collaboration with Rule Gallery and Leisure Gallery hosted our First Friday Show Me The Munny Event as part of Denver’s First Friday Art Walk! The Event was featured in 5280 Magazine the week prior to the event as well as featured on the Everyday Show on Denvers Fox channel the day before to help spread the news of the upcoming event. Realizing our role in the Vinyl Toy and Art world, Kidrobot worked to find a place in the Art District of Denver and bring vinyl art to the scene. For what we hope to be the first of MANY art events driven by Kidobot… we were thrilled to see familiar faces from Comic Cons and events as well as new characters who saw a whole new side to what “toys” can mean.

With Rule Gallery we worked to collect over 30 different artists Munnys that took up the entire Gallery. These pieces were covered in paint, glitter, hair etc and took hours beyond hours of artists frustration and artistic eye to create something that best reflected their own design. Munnys from familiar artists such as J*RYU, The Horrible Adorables, The Bots, SHIFFA, Josh Mayhem and Naptime Noah stood as KIDROBOT collaborations for viewers to see the extent of artistic ability in the vinyl art/toy world as well as  displaying both KIDROBOT and Denver based artists who were inspired by the shape of the Munny to redesign their own style.

Leisure Gallery opened their doors to give all the viewers inspired by what they saw the opportunity to decorate their own Munny! Bringing down over 100 Munny pieces, people purchased the DIY Munny and began making their own masterpiece.

Half of the proceeds were donated to the Denver non profit, Arthvye that works to conserve Denver art. Read more here!  


Article source: https://blog.kidrobot.com/kidrobots-show-munny-event/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=rss

Kidrobot x Care Bear Keychains Release!

Care Bear keychains are here! Cute, small and new, we are stoked about this collaboration with American Greeting to release the new vinyl Keychain Series with love and sunshine! Chris Holt is here to talk about the Care Bear Keychains release on Kidrobot.com!

I would feel totally guilty if I lost my keys and one of these Care Bear key chains from Kidrobot was attached.  They’re so dang cute and I would worry that they were out in this great big world, with only the keys to my midsize sedan to keep them company.  This is why I can’t watch those cartoons about cute little animals that get separated from their parents and have to find their way home.  Those movies kill me every time no matter that I know the outcome is always good.   I’m way too sad now and only a serious lunch will alleviate this depression.  Turkey sandwich take me away!

These adorable little bears will ensure you never lose your keys again so you don’t go through the above mentioned sadness.  And every time you go to start your car or unlock that secret storage container, one of these will stare back at you and instantly brighten your day.  You can’t be upset when a group of multi colored bears with pictures on their tummies are nearby.  Now if you were in the woods and a bear stands up without a picture on his tummy, your day might actually get a little worse.  Unless you distract him with your key ring full of these guys and retreat to safety, that is!!!  Care Bears are always coming through for you.

Sold blind boxed style, the bear you get may be a mystery, but the joy it will bring you is no surprise.  Pick up a few now at www.kidrobot.com.

Article source: https://blog.kidrobot.com/kidrobot-x-care-bear-keychains-release/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=rss