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Cadillac CTS V-Sport gets fancy new Morello Red interior package

Mark Twain once said that the Cadillac CTS V-Sport was “A fine automobile, spoilt by a boring black interior.” (Don’t look that up.)

Clearly, the folks at GM are out to prove fake Mr. Clemens wrong, though, because the already handsome 2018 CTS V-Sport will now be offered with a new interior package known as “Morello Red.”

cadillac-morello-red-1Enlarge Image

I can all but guarantee that this has nothing to do with Rage Against the Machine’s guitarist.


In addition to the expected reddening of the door panels and armrests, those who opt for this package will receive the big brother CTS-V’s spectacular multi-adjustable Recaro sport seats, a sueded microfiber steering wheel and shift knob and Morello carbon-fiber inserts. Think that’s all? Think again, because a black chrome grille, gloss black side window trim and a V-Sport base spoiler are all included, too.

How much is Cadillac asking for all this sueded, carbon-fiber sporting opulence? The answer is $4,000, so kind of a lot. All jokes aside, it is a desirable upgrade that helps the CTS V-Sport’s interior live up to the promise of its elegant exterior styling and generally pleasant, if not overly sporty road manners.

Our own Andrew Krok drove the 2017.5 CTS V-Sport earlier this year and found it to be a bargain, particularly when compared to its European rivals and had high praise for the (mercifully) redesigned Cue infotainment system.

The Morello Red package is currently live on Cadillac’s CTS configurator.

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NASA video flies you through Jupiter’s Great Red Spot

NASA’s Juno spacecraft is currently traipsing around Jupiter, but it has no plans to pull a Cassini and dive into the planet’s massive Great Red Spot storm. For that, we need to turn to a fascinating computer-animated video that uses NASA data to imagine what it would be like to soar through Jupiter’s raucous atmosphere.

The video, released Monday, takes us on a dramatic simulated journey over and through Jupiter’s swirling clouds and back up through the Great Red Spot. Gauges display the altitude and temperature, which increases with the plunge. A spacey soundtrack adds to the sci-fi feel.  

Information collected during a Juno flyby over the oval storm in July seems to show the spot extends far below the cloud tops. “Juno data indicate that the solar system’s most famous storm is almost one-and-a-half Earths wide, and has roots that penetrate about 200 miles (300 kilometers) into the planet’s atmosphere,” says Juno principal investigator Scott Bolton.

NASA says the Great Red Spot may have been in existence for over 350 years, but it seems to be shrinking in recent years. Juno will continue to keep an eye on happenings at the planet as it continues its scientific investigations. 

Article source: https://www.cnet.com/news/nasa-jupiter-juno-storm-video-great-red-spot/#ftag=CAD590a51e

Lyft’s first international service goes live in Toronto

The addition is crucial for Lyft. If it’s going to compete with Uber on a large scale, it needs to do more than strike deals with foreign companies — it has to run its own service in other countries. Canada is a logical choice given that it’s relatively close both culturally and physically, minimizing the amount of work Lyft needs to do.

And for Canadian passengers, it’s an important step. While Americans who’ve wanted to ditch Uber over its policies (at least, before Kalanick left) have frequently had Lyft and other services as options, Canucks haven’t had that choice. More often than not, the choice has been between Uber and old-school taxi service. Uber has already improved its services in response to criticism, but Lyft’s international expansion could pressure it to step up its game.

Article source: https://www.engadget.com/2017/12/12/lyft-available-in-canada/

Google and NASA to reveal mysterious new space find


Kepler gets an A.I. boost?

NASA Ames Research Center

NASA will be hosting a somewhat unusual press conference on Thursday to announce the latest find from its planet-hunting Kepler Space Telescope. Kepler has found many hundreds of planets beyond our solar system over the years, but this week’s announcement will be different because Google will be sharing in the science spotlight.

“The discovery was made by researchers using machine learning from Google,” reads a release from the space agency, adding that the breakthrough “demonstrates new ways of analyzing Kepler data.”  

Christopher Shallue, an engineer with Google AI and Google Brain wil be featured during the NASA press conference alongside scientists from NASA, its Kepler team and NASA Sagan Fellow Andrew Vanderburg from the University of Texas.

Exactly what has been discovered won’t be revealed until Thursday, but with Kepler there’s always a good chance that some new distant planets will be part of the reveal.

What we do know is that Shallue and Vanderburg have been collaborating on an effort that uses machine learning to find new planet candidates in Kepler data (PDF link), which would be deemed inconclusive using more traditional analysis methods.

So perhaps expect to hear something about a new era of planet-hunting assisted by artificial intelligence: That would be my guess for Thursday. We’ll just have to wait and see if Google’s A.I. is also helping to detect signs of alien life on the numerous worlds beyond our solar system as well. 

Article source: https://www.cnet.com/news/google-nasa-kepler-artificial-intelligence-machine-learning-planets/#ftag=CAD590a51e

SEC chairman urges ‘extreme caution’ with cryptocurrencies

As investors go cuckoo for cryptocurrencies, the chairman of the US Securities and Exchange Commission is warning of the dangers associated with investing in virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and Litecoin.

SEC Chairman Jay Clayton said Monday that cryptocurrency and initial coin offerings (ICOs) hold substantially less investor protection than traditional securities markets, creating an environment ripe for scams and market manipulation. He urged investors to weigh those risks before making an investment.

“As with any other type of potential investment, if a promoter guarantees returns, if an opportunity sounds too good to be true, or if you are pressured to act quickly, please exercise extreme caution and be aware of the risk that your investment may be lost,” Clayton said in a lengthy statement.

Clayton’s comments come amid a historic rise in the valuation of bitcoin, thanks to growing interest with currency traders. Bitcoin traded as high as $17,370 per coin on Monday before settling back to $16,718 as of this writing, an increase of more than 1,600 percent since the beginning of the year.

Still, the cryptocurrency’s lack of government backing and regulation has led to volatility. After crossing the $11,000 mark for the first time last month, the currency lost 20 percent of its value in one day.

As investor interest in cryptocurrencies has increased in recent months, so has SEC focus on stamping out scams aimed at bilking investors excited by the possibilities of cryptocurrency’s financial and technological revolution. The SEC filed a lawsuit last week to freeze the assets of PlexCorps, a company that promised a 1,354 percent profit in just 29 days to those who participated in an ICO — a sale of the digital assets central to the cryptocurrency technology.

Clayton cautioned investors that no ICOs have been registered with his agency and that it hasn’t approved any listing and trading of exchange-traded products that hold cryptocurrency. “If any person today tells you otherwise, be especially wary,” Clayton suggested.

The chairman noted that his agency has issued investor alerts, bulletins and statements in ICOs and cryptocurrencies and urged investors to read them. In 2014, the SEC issued an advisory cautioning investors to be wary because the cryptocurrency is uninsured, unregulated and volatile.

“If you choose to invest in these products, please ask questions and demand clear answers,” Clayton wrote, including a list of suggested questions, including “Who exactly am I contracting with?” and “Where is my money going and what will be it be used for?”

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Article source: https://www.cnet.com/news/sec-chairman-urges-extreme-caution-with-cryptocurrencies-bitcoin-ico/#ftag=CAD590a51e

Microsoft’s Cortana AI can connect to your Gmail

Microsoft’s Cortana refuses to sit idly by as Amazon’s Alexa hogs all the skills. Even though the two digital helpers are best buds (by way of their upcoming partnership), Cortana is feeling competitive. The AI can now connect to your Gmail account via Windows 10, allowing it to access multiple calendars, contacts, and — of course — mail, as spotted by Windows Central.

Article source: https://www.engadget.com/2017/12/12/microsoft-cortana-gmail-calendar/