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Mazda packs a double-concept punch in Tokyo

Mazda’s last major concept, the RX Vision, wowed the public with its long, low hood and aggressive form. Its next two concepts look to capture some of that same magic.

Mazda announced Tuesday that it will bring two brand new concepts to the Tokyo Motor Show in late October. The first is the silver model you see below. It looks like the RX Vision a bit, except it has four doors. Mazda promises the concept will highlight a “more profound expression” of the company’s current design language, which is what many concepts do, to be fair.

mazda-tokyo-concept-1Enlarge Image

If this is nothing more than a four-door RX Vision concept, I’ll still be happy.


The other, a red hatchback, gives us a hint at something a bit more rooted in real life. This hatch likely gives us an early look at the next-generation Mazda3. That makes sense, considering it’s Mazda’s only hatchback that matches the concept’s proportions, and the concept will also rock the Skyactiv-X engine, which compresses gasoline like diesel instead of using a traditional combustion process. That engine is believed to make its debut in the next-gen Mazda3, so all the pieces fall into place here.

Mazda’s also got a few other tricks up its sleeve for the show. It’ll have the CX-8 on display, a three-row crossover with a more coupe-like rear end. It will also show off the Mazda MX-5 Red Top special edition, which has a dark red convertible top and auburn Nappa leather seats.

mazda-tokyo-concept-3Enlarge Image

Yep, that’s definitely a hatch.


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Van Hool electric bus could make commutes greener

Google Bus

Commuter tech buses could soon run more quietly and cleanly on electric power.

James Martin/CNET

Google and other tech companies faced criticism that their contracted commuter buses created skyrocketing property costs in San Francisco. The companies pointed out that the buses actually relieve traffic and pollution, and soon they can add zero emissions and quiet running to their defense. Van Hool, the Belgian company that provides many of the buses used by tech companies, announced a new all-electric model, the CX45E.

The CX45E comes from a partnership between Van Hool and Proterra, the latter a California company that has developed a heavy-duty electric drivetrain for its own line of buses.

Currently, Van Hool’s CX45 model buses, which carry 56 passengers, use diesel engines from Cummins. These buses are used for charter operations around the US, and carry many tech workers between San Francisco and offices in the Bay Area. The buses have been a point of contention among activists, as they make it easier for employees to live an hour or more away from their places of work. 

Electric versions of these buses would not relieve pressure on the San Francisco housing market, but they would run more quietly than their diesel counterparts and significantly reduce pollution with zero tail pipe emissions. 

Although specific details of the CX45E model are unavailable at the time of this announcement, Proterra previously demonstrated that its own bus, using its electric drivetrain, could travel almost 1,100 miles on a single charge

Along with the CX45E, which enters the market in 2019, Van Hool said it would also produce a smaller electric bus, the CX35E, with production coming later. 

Van Hool has previously made city buses with electric drivetrains, but the CX45E is the first electric model designed for longer range travel.

Article source: https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/van-hool-electric-bus-could-make-tech-commutes-greener/#ftag=CAD7f780fb

Live the quasi-minivan life with the Toyota Tj Cruiser SUV concept

Meet the drop-resistant Moto Z2 Force

The Moto Z2 Force is really thin, with a fast processor and great battery life. It can survive drops without shattering.

Article source: https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/pictures/live-the-quasi-minivan-life-with-the-toyota-tj-cruiser-suv-concept/#ftag=CAD7f780fb

GM’s SURUS self-driving truck chassis could be a boon to disaster relief

Meet the drop-resistant Moto Z2 Force

The Moto Z2 Force is really thin, with a fast processor and great battery life. It can survive drops without shattering.

Article source: https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/pictures/gms-surus-self-driving-truck-chassis-could-be-a-boon-to-disaster-relief/#ftag=CAD7f780fb

2018 Toyota Century offers classic Japanese luxury with a hybrid twist

Meet the drop-resistant Moto Z2 Force

The Moto Z2 Force is really thin, with a fast processor and great battery life. It can survive drops without shattering.

Article source: https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/pictures/2018-toyota-century-offers-classic-japanese-luxury-with-a-hybrid-twist/#ftag=CAD7f780fb

2018 Toyota Century: Meet Japan’s new king of old school luxury

You probably don’t know this, but you’re looking at the latest scion of royalty here. This is the 2018 Toyota Century, and it’s just the third generation of an automotive icon that has transported Japan’s rich, famous — and infamous — since 1967. 

Set to be revealed at the Tokyo Motor Show later this month, this latest Century limousine may have a certain neoclassical flair, but it’s technologically up to date underneath. The new Century — seen here in its trademark black paint —  is powered by a 5.0-liter V8 hybrid powertrain, making this the first time electrification has been featured in this model. 

Centuries have long been known for being quiet cars, and this new hybrid setup should help deliver what Toyota refers to as “overwhelming serenity,” even if it loses the previous generation’s trademark V12 engine. Carrying a 2UR-FSE designation, the new car’s 32-valve V8 seems to be a relative of the one we’ve seen in the outgoing Lexus LS600h.

2018 Toyota Century

This being a car that’s more about being driven than actual driving for one’s self, the back seat is suitably opulent in both dimension and execution. It features wool upholstery, power articulating and massaging rear seats, and even an integrated leg rest. Wool may seem like an unusual choice for an automotive interior to western tastes, but it’s a traditional luxury touch in Japan. Naturally, leather is optional for those with different sensibilities. 

An LCD panel located in the rear armrest permits operation of audio and HVAC, as well as allowing for remote articulation of all seats.

Modern advanced driver assist safety features like precollision auto brake, blind-spot monitoring and rear cross-traffic alert are also part of the new Century experience, as are LED headlamps.

2018 Toyota CrownEnlarge Image

That’s wool upholstery and side curtains, friends.


At 200 inches long, the Century is a big car — roughly half a foot shorter than a Mercedes-Benz S-Class. Care has been taken to actually make the rear of the car more upright for better interior room. The rear pillar is raked less steeply than before, and combined with a longer wheelbase and lower sills, the new generation should be both easier to get in and out of, and more comfortable.

As is appropriate for something wearing a epochal name and conservative styling, the new Century is likely to be a very long-lived model. Its predecessor bowed out of production in February after a nearly 20-year run. 

Article source: https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/2018-toyota-century-meet-japans-new-king-of-old-school-luxury/#ftag=CAD7f780fb