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Droplings Uploads Files and Folders to Dropbox with a Pretty Preview Page, Ready for Sharing [Dropbox]

Alan Henry

Droplings Uploads Files and Folders to Dropbox with a Pretty Preview Page, Ready for Sharing OS X: Droplings is a free menubar app for the Mac that makes it even easier to share files with friends and colleagues through Dropbox. Just drop a file on the menubar icon, and the app builds a preview page for the file, uploads them both to your Dropbox account, and then drops the URL for the page (with the file on it) in your clipboard.

Droplings’ developer built the app because he uses Dropbox to share files with potential clients and coworkers, and likes having a professional-looking preview page for each file he shares. He’s made the app free for the time being, while it’s in beta, and he noted that there may be a few bugs—we tested it and it works like a charm. That said, he did mention that when it comes out of beta, there’ll definitely be a price tag. Still, the beta is free and available now, and requires OS X 10.6 or higher to run.

Dropbox is great for file storage, but we’ve shown you how to use Dropbox to make working in groups easier, and now that you can share a link to anything in your Dropbox easily, it’s easier than ever to never send an email attachment again. Droplings piggybacks on that functionality and makes it even better. Give the app a try and let us know what you think in the discussions below.


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Clean Metal Appliances with Cream of Tartar [Kitchen Hacks]

David Galloway

Clean Metal Appliances with Cream of TartarIf your toaster, coffee maker, or other metal-surfaced appliance is a bit grimy from years of being near your range it can be difficult to remove the sticky buildup. One easy way is to use a pinch of cream of tartar, the citric acid in the tartar will help break up the buildup.

Household weblog Tales and Tips from a Real-Life Housewife shares that a pinch of Cream of Tartar on a wet sponge and a minute of scrubbing will remove the buildup.

Cream of Tartar (aka Potassium bitartrate) is a byproduct of making wine and is an ingredient of baking powder and sodium-free salt substitutes. Sold in a jar in the same section as spices, it has many uses including keeping fruit from browning, mixed with lemon juice or vinegar to make a metal-cleaning paste, or even stress ball.

Toast to This! | Tales and Tips from a Real-Life Housewife

Article source: http://feeds.gawker.com/~r/lifehacker/full/~3/uLpzRF5-TC4/clean-metal-appliances-with-cream-of-tartar

Attach Magnets to Plastic Cups [Parenting]

David Galloway

Attach Magnets to Plastic CupsDIY weblog Dana Made It suggests that if your kids constantly grab new cup every time they want a sip of water to instead have a dedicated water cup for each kid with magnets attached so a glass of water is always at hand.

Simply use hot glue or superglue to attach two magnets to plastic cups. Two magnets as the curvature of the cup makes a single magnet less secure. If you’re worried about dust collecting in the cups just make sure they are attached to your fridge upside-down.

TUTORIAL: fridge magnet cups | Dana Made It

Article source: http://feeds.gawker.com/~r/lifehacker/full/~3/RwUsEBYeFns/attach-magnets-to-plastic-cups

Hang Folding Chairs on Your Wall to Provide Temporary Storage [Clever Uses]

David Galloway

Hang Folding Chairs on Your Wall to Provide Temporary StorageIf you’re ever in a housing situation where you have very little furniture and need a way to hang clothes and keep items off the floor consider using wall-mounted hooks to hold folding chairs. You can keep the chairs folded against the wall to save space or pull them out to use as a rod for clothes hangers and store items on the seat.

This idea comes from the weblog of German design professor Yi Cong Lu. You’ll need to have folding chairs with a hole along the backrest—inexpensive Ikea Terje chairs will work well for this and equivalents can be found at most big-box stores.

Chairs, Up and Down and Upside Down | Yi Cong Lu via Core 77

Article source: http://feeds.gawker.com/~r/lifehacker/full/~3/Jcv4byaXUtQ/hang-folding-chairs-on-your-wall-to-provide-temporary-storage

Make an Awesome, Portable Retro Gaming System This Weekend [Weekendhacker]

Adam Dachis

Make an Awesome, Portable Retro Gaming System This WeekendIf you’re looking to relive the nostalgic games of your childhood, there are many options available. You can hack an existing piece of hardware or even build one yourself. This weekend, put together the ultimate retro gaming system of your choice with almost any hardware you want.

So you can focus on the part of this post that matters to you, it has been separated by hardware type. If you want to turn your Android phone or tablet into a retro gaming machine, head to that section. If you want to use your Nintendo DS, skip over Android and jump to that part of the post. If you’re not sure, read ’em all. It’s up to you.

Android and iOS

Make an Awesome, Portable Retro Gaming System This WeekendYour mobile phone is a great gaming device, but if you want to play emulated retro games you need to do a bit of work to get it there. We have a big, comprehensive guide to help you out, so give that a read if you’re looking to dive into emulation on your mobile phone or tablet. It’ll show you how to do everything from emulate your favorite games on several systems to using a physical controller for a better experience.

Nintendo DS

Make an Awesome, Portable Retro Gaming System This WeekendIf you own a Nintendo DS (or just like the hardware and want to buy one), it’s a great choice for retro gaming. Not only can you install several emulators and games on a single cartridge, but you can even add your favorite DS games to that cartridge as well. This way you can just take the device with you without carrying around a bunch of games. Everything is available in one place, and the controller is built right into the device. If you’re looking for an all-in-one portable system that’s easy to hack, the Nintendo DS is the way to go.

Sony PSP

Make an Awesome, Portable Retro Gaming System This WeekendAlthough we haven’t had much experience with hacking Sony PSPs, retro game emulation is certainly possible with plenty of emulated consoles available to get the job done. Here’s a guide to get you started with the installation process (or just watch this video version). It looks like a fairly simple process, but we haven’t been through it before so we can’t say from experience. If you’ve hacked a PSP in the past, share your experiences in the discussions below.

Build or Buy Your Own Emulation-Oriented Hardware

Make an Awesome, Portable Retro Gaming System This WeekendYou don’t necessarily have to hack together a solution if you want to play retro games. Instructables user HeDoesNotBehave built his own so he could play a few select retro games. Although not a comprehensive option, it seems like an incredibly cheap solution to get your hands on the real classics. Alternatively, you can buy devices that are specifically designed for emulated games. ThinkGeek sells plenty of these devices, such as the retro portable S/NES system (which actually plays the real games and doesn’t require emulation at all). Alternatively, there’s the Dingoo Digital A320 and A330 which are capable of emulating several different consoles out of the box. I used to use an A320 as my main emulation device but have since moved on to an Android tablet. While it handles most games beautifully, the little quirks got annoying (like the finicky power switch) and made me eventually switch. That said, it’s a very cheap option and a way to get started if you don’t want to do too much hacking.

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy your gaming and nostalgia this weekend

Article source: http://feeds.gawker.com/~r/lifehacker/full/~3/CrLPrbCfdIQ/put-an-awesome-portable-retro-gaming-system-this-weekend

Remains of the Day: Fringe and The West Wing Streaming Exclusively on Amazon Prime [For What It’s Worth]

Craig Lloyd

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Remains of the Day: Fringe and The West Wing Streaming Exclusively on Amazon PrimeWarner Bros. TV shows are coming to Amazon Prime Instant Video, Quicksilver updates with Mountain Lion support, Google Fiber is coming July 26th, and 20th Century Fox films are finally available on iCloud.

Article source: http://feeds.gawker.com/~r/lifehacker/full/~3/SxjgG0VcZVY/remains-of-the-day-fringe-and-the-west-wing-streaming-exclusively-on-amazon-prime