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Yukky World Brock Broccoli

Chris Holt knows the story and here it is!

Brock Broccoli loves nothing more than the look on a child’s face when they see him on their plate.  They cringe, they cry, they scream and shout, but no one escapes his wrath.  Sure he may look like a tiny little forest for an adorable little diorama but deep down he’s a bad bushy headed dude that wants nothing more than ruin every meal he comes near.

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Yukky World Russel Sprout

Russel Sprout isn’t about to take his billing as “The World’s Worst Vegetable” lightly.  In fact, he’s resorted to sneakier means to push his agenda of making you gag.  He’s taken to the internet with tricky recipes that involve delicious bacon and other goodies to convince you that he’s tasty.  Then just when you think you’ll make it through dinner while being healthy “WHAM” he hits you with that unmistakable flavor that sends you running for the nearest trashcan.  All in a days work.  

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The Toy Viking Unboxing The Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors Mini Series!

Things are getting slightly scary as KIDROBOT re-releases The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Mini Series today! In the video he goes through the box in showing the spooky details of all our favorite characters of The Simpsons Treehouse Cast! Check it out here

Get your own Simpsons Treehouse of Horrors Mini Series online now at Kidrobot.com!




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Yukky World: Ol’ Blue

Holy Heavens whats that??? More info on Yukky World’s Ol’ Blue

There’s nothing that would make Ol Blue happier than for you to forget him in the fridge.  Tucked cozily away behind some mysterious object in tin foil, he’s festering a funk that will stick around long after he’s discovered. Hope you didn’t have expensive dinner reservations, because you’re appetite is on vacation for the near future.

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Throwback Thursday: Simpsons 25th Anniversary Mini Series

The crew from Kidrobot are all shutting down our computers, packing up and heading down…

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BFF Mini Series 4 by Travis Cain Available Now!

The crew from Kidrobot are all shutting down our computers, packing up and heading down…

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