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Adopt-a-Labbit: Less Staring, More Adopting

Adopt your perfectly sized Labbit today! Pick up your new decently trained house Labbit today and share pics of you and your new pet with the world #adoptalabbit

New arrivals just in! Beautifully bearded and semi-house trained fluffy beasts available in 7” and 14” varieties. And new Relatively Hip Plush 2” portable pets, sporting monocles, capes and more that will melt your heart! Take them home today!

Stop by any Kidrobot or specialty store or go to kidrobot.com to download your official Labbit Adoption Papers.

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Wandering Misfits by Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters with KR exclusive

Those who wander are not lost! Check out the new mini series Wandering Misfits by the Kathie Olivas and Brandt Peters.

Kathie and Brandt’s world of creepy sideshow icons comes to life in this beautifully created series of misfits that possesses more than the eye can see. There are 11 different misfits in all including favorites as Inkslinger #5, bear suit Elizabeth, pull cart skelve (that really rolls), and Calliope to name a few. Not to mention the elusive chase colorways of the mischievous group.

Coming to you from cardboard spaceship, these limited edition vinyl figures stand just under 3.5-inches tall and are the perfect addition to any collection! You can grab them at Kidrobot stores or at www.kidrobot.com. That isn’t all because we have our very own Kidrobot exclusive White Heathern Snake Skelve!

Feast your eyes on the slithering White Heathen! This cardboard spaceship vinyl figure is exclusive to kidrobot.com KR retail. Kathie Olivas Brandt Peters creepy, yet beautiful creation stands just under 3.5-inches tall, and is limited to 85 pieces. Grab this disbeliever to sit along side the rest of your Wandering Misfits mini series!

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Toy Fair gets Yummy

It is almost time to clear out the booth at Toy Fair 2014, and geez was this year Yummy!

Yummy World got everyone salivating and sweetened up with their adorable plush world. The booth was adorned with a faux bedroom setup for the ultimate sweet tooth, and to top it all off, we had sweets for all you fans to partake in. Everyone coming by got to see giant plush cupcakes with adorable eyes and sample some mini cupcakes for their tastebuds. Strawberry chairs for the little ones to sit in and chocolate covered strawberries for to you to devour. What a great and Yummy Toy Fair it was.

Check out the new Yummy World site and meet all of the Yummy World Gang here.

Now get ready to be even hungrier with more pics from Toy Fair.

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Toy Fair 2014 Part 1!

Toy Fair 2014
is going on right now in NYC, and Kidrobot are making their presence known in a big way! The bad weather couldn’t stop the storm of toys unloading on the Javits Center.

Besides showing off many of the platforms we know and love to the industry, Kidrobot has on display a bounty of new and innovating toys for the upcoming year. From what we have seen so far, it is going to be an epic 2014!

We have so much to bring you that we have broken it up in several posts. Keep checking the blog for more updates, but for now go ahead and let your mouth hit the floor with these pics from the show.

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Toy Fair 2014 Part 2!!!

If our Toy Fair 2014 Part 1 post didn’t wet your appetite enough, we are about to serve up even more from the convention.

You asked for it and now it looks like we will see the DC Universe coming to Kidrobot! The Joker, Batman, Superman, and more superheroes than you can shake kryptonite at! But hold on to your power rings because they aren’t just labbits!

One of the most beloved video game characters of all time Mega Man is about to defeat Dr. Wily on Kidrobot terms!
We also get glimpses and the much teased new Kidrobot Black by Yury Ustsinau and the new Snoop figure. The glass cases do not do these guys justice!

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Penelope McStompsalot: Huck Gee Signing at KRSF

Stomp!! Stomp!! Stomp!! To commemorate the release of Penelope McStompsalot,  Kidrobot is inviting all fans to join us at Kidrobot SF for an exclusive signing with artist, Huck Gee. Kick off the first 8″ Dunny release of the year by receiving a special limited edition print with purchase of a McStompsalot Dunny that you can get signed by the man himself! Come stomp by Thursday February 13th and join the excitement 6pm to 8pm. See you there!

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