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Throwback to Amanda Visell’s Scaredy Labbit!

    Happy Monday! We all know that Monday’s can be tough so to make…

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The Bots Scared Silly Dunny Mini Series

Friday the 13th is the PERFECT day for the launch of this new dunny mini series by our friends Jenn and Tony Bot. The series is a collection of some of the cutest and yet spookiest dunnys we have released in a while. To get to know more about the series by reading our QA blog. BUT NOW…here to talk a little more about the release is the one and only, Chris Holt aka The Toy Viking.

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Scared Silly Mini Series by The Bots!

October is the perfect time of year. The weather (at least where we are) is the the only time of year you really feel like mother nature might exists. It’s also the best holiday of the year! Halloween! So we were more than excited when we talked to The Bots to create this super cute and spooky series that releases tomorrow, Friday 13th, 2017 on Kidrobot.com. We asked them a few questions about the series so our readers could get to know the series a little more…. here we go!

1) What was your first piece with Kidrobot?  The very first piece we ever created for something Kidrobot related was a custom Munny for—get this—Tales From the Sneaky Crypt, a Halloween themed custom show at Kidrobot London! Our first Kidrobot production piece was 5 years later when we released a set of Dunnys as part of the debut DTA Dunny series.

2) What do you love about working with Kidrobot?  Specifically we loved working with the team that was assigned to our project. We asked a lot of everyone to help bring our vision to life and every person we encountered was so pleasant, talented, and accommodating. Without their knowledge and help, we would have never been able to achieve some of the cooler things we placed in the series.


7) what’s something your fans might not know about you?  That our last name isn’t Bot! Gasp!

8) What is your favorite thing about the art/vinyl toy world? The best part of the scene is without a doubt the community. We have made so many friends over the years that range from collectors, to artists, to gallery owners, and production companies. The scene is so niche and everyone is extremely passionate and it seems we meet new cool people on a daily basis.


GWP ALERT!!! The first 50 people to buy 24 units at kidrobot.com on Friday the 13th get an exclusive Gift With Purchase dunny!!!


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NYCC By The Toy Viking

While we all sat and attended our booths like the good boys and girls that we are, Chris Holt aka The Toy Viking was able to attend and see make the rounds to see what was up and the talk of the town for the con. While he was there, he of course stopped by the Kidrobot booth to pay us a vist… Here is what he has to say about New York Comic Con 2017.

New York Comic Con has come and gone and thanks to all of you this year was absolutely insane!  We’re talking Black Friday level busy every day in the booth as people were going nuts for our exclusives.  Plus, we had artist signings from Tara McPherson, Brandt Peters, Quiccs, and Andrea Kang who shook hands, kissed babies, and doodled until their pens ran out of ink.  Check out all the pics from the event and be sure to visit us at our next convention when we invade DesignerCon in November.


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Kidrobot x Yummy World x Shake Shack Now Available!

We are SO HAPPY that finally after all this time looking at food online and making the worlds cutest plush we came together with our friends at Shake Shack to make the Yummy World x Shake Shack plush! Together we made the ultimate burger and fries combo using their actual (delicious) food as inspiration. These items are limited, of course so don’t waste anymore time… read this awesome blog by our friend Chris Holt aka The Toy Viking and then scroll over to the Yummy Page to get your own plush for your favorite NYC friend.
Did you know Shake Shack started as just a little hot dog cart in New York?  They’ve gone from humble beginnings to now having their own Kidrobot plush.  That my friends, is the dream personified.  These Yummy World characters include the famous Shake Burger and a side of all too delicious Crinkle Fries.  But you know what the best part is?  Check out the little dollop of ketchup!!!!!  He will melt your heart while bringing a tangy zing to already perfect potatoes.

Add some all American goodness to your collection at www.kidrobot.com

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Kidrobot x Scott Tolleson King Howie 8-Inch Dunny Available Now!

Our toys go beyond land and sea and into mythical places that no one has ever been…and we love that. This time, we are taking you to deep diving to the darkest depths of the ocean that no one even knows whats there. Here to talk about the release of the Scott Tolleson King Howie 8-Inch Dunny, Chris Holt (aka The Toy Viking.) The Kidrobot is taking the Dunny where it’s never gone before. In the pages of classic literature you will read about a beast like no man has ever witnessed, who longs to walk on ground no longer belonging to his kind:

Dark is his slumber on the ocean’s floor and deeply he dreams about the day in which he will ascend to his throne of madness.  After reclaiming the world for his own, where will mankind fit into his grand scheme?

That should totally have been read like you were a grizzled old sea captain stationed at the end of a bar.  With drink in hand you turn to unsuspecting patrons and deliver a story unlike any they’ve ever heard.  Ooooh I got the chills.

Now I’ve never been worried about giant monsters that have been napping at the bottom of the ocean.  In countless books and movies they wake up and get right to the rampaging but I’m not buying it.  I know that after I take a nap im pretty useless for a few hours afterwards, so you mean to tell me that these creatures are going to snap out of a hundred year sleep and pose a danger to any of us?  Yeah, I dont think so.  Just getting up for work requires two hours for me to to eat breakfast and check my email and watch tv and I’ve only missed about eight hours tops of what’s been happening in the world.  At best they’re going to stumble on the beach and try to find a free wi-fi signal so they can see what’s up on there deadly sea monster social media.  The military would have tons of time to deploy before even one life is compromised or a single skyscraper is toppled.  Now dont try holding me to this in case my theory is totally wrong and you guys get chewed up by something unfathomable.  You cant believe everything you read on the internet.

What you can believe is that Scott Tolleson is continuing The Odd Ones Dunny extravaganza with this eight inch version of King Howie.  He’s just like the little version you love except, like, bigger and stuff. Let him rule harshly over your Dunny collection by picking one up at www.kidrobot.com.

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