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Rumor Central: Has Rick Carlisle already set his playing rotation?

The Dallas Mavericks played their second preseason game on Wednesday against the Chicago Bulls, and head coach Rick Carlisle used 10 players during the first half, as he did in the first game.

Rumor CentralThe first unit consists of a frontcourt with Dirk Nowitzki at center and Harrison Barnes and Wesley Matthews at the forward positions. The starting guards are Seth Curry and rookie Dennis Smith Jr. The group used as the main backups were JJ Barea, Devin Harris, Yogi Ferrell, Dwight Powell and Nerlens Noel.

“It’s likely pretty close,” Carlisle told The Dallas Morning News regarding his initial primary rotation. “But we got a ways to go and more stuff to get through.”

Nowitzki will still get plenty of minutes at power forward, but with the evolution of the NBA game, the Mavericks head coach believes shifting the 19-year veteran to center is best for the team.

“Things have changed a lot with matchups and things like that,” Carlisle said. “To me, it’s really a function of the stage of his career, the guys that need to be in the game with him for us to have a chance to function as well as we need to.”

— Nick Silva

Article source: http://www.espn.com/blog/nba/rumors/post/_/id/45205/rumor-central-has-rick-carlisle-already-set-his-playing-rotation

Dirk Nowitzki gets lunch money from fan

Dirk Nowitzki‘s repeated willingness to take a reduced salary to help the Dallas Mavericks improve hasn’t gone unnoticed, especially by a fan at the team’s open practice on Friday.

Nowitzki tweeted his appreciation for a note given to him by the aforementioned fan, which included a $20 bill and this message: “You been taking discounts the past 6 years to help the team bring talent and a title … LUNCH IS ON ME BIG FELLA!”

Nowitzki is entering his 20th NBA season, all of which have been spent with the Mavericks. The 39-year-old and the team mutually agreed not to exercise Nowitzki’s $25 million option for this season, with him instead signing a two-year, $10 million free-agent deal with Dallas. He also took a significant pay cut in 2014, electing to stay on a three-year, $25 million contract instead of signing a max contract elsewhere.

Business Insider estimated in July that Nowitzki has left up to $194 million on the table to remain in Dallas.

The Mavericks will open their 2017-18 season on Oct. 18 at home vs. the Atlanta Hawks.

— Alex Tekip

Article source: http://www.espn.com/sportsnation/story/_/page/QTP_170930dirklunchmoney/sportsnation-dallas-mavericks-dirk-nowitzki-gets-lunch-money-fan

Mavs’ Barea: Puerto Rico needs ‘a lot of help’

4:10 PM ET

DALLAS — J.J. Barea is pleading for more assistance for his native Puerto Rico one day after borrowing Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban’s plane to deliver food, water and supplies to the island, which was devastated by Hurricane Maria.

Barea, along with 12 close friends and family members, flew to Puerto Rico early Tuesday morning and returned later that night with an additional 17 passengers, including the veteran guard’s mother and grandmother.

“You always go to Puerto Rico — after the season when I fly in — you look out the window and it’s beautiful,” Barea said after Wednesday’s practice. “The water’s blue, it’s green, there’s people moving around — you always feel the vibe. Yesterday, you look out the window, it’s dead. It is completely dead.

“It’s awful. People are struggling. It was good to be down there and help, but to see it in person, it was tough. We need a lot of help, and it’s going to take a while. It’s just starting. There’s not gonna be no power. A lot of people are without water. It’s going to be a long, long process. We’ve just got to keep helping out.”

Barea and his wife, Viviana Ortiz, launched an online fundraiser the day the Category 4 hurricane hit Puerto Rico, knocking out power and causing flooding throughout the island. After purchasing supplies, Barea planned the trip to Puerto Rico on Monday evening, reaching out to Cuban to request use of the team plane.

“I texted him. Five minutes later, he goes, ‘Check your email,'” said Barea, who spent about four hours in Puerto Rico, helping unpack supplies that included medicine and 32 generators. “I was in contact with the pilot and all the guys who run the Mavericks’ plane. After a hundred or more emails, we finally got cleared. That was a lot of emails to Washington, back to Puerto Rico, back to Washington. Finally, we got cleared, and then we were able to go.”

Barea’s father and uncle, who run his foundation, remained in Puerto Rico to spearhead the relief efforts. With training camp started, Barea said he doesn’t plan to return to Puerto Rico in the immediate future, but his wife and the friends who joined him Tuesday hope to make another trip soon.

“We’ve still got four 18-wheelers full of stuff, ready to go down there,” said Barea, who expressed appreciation to Cuban. “The problem is taking it there. Mark Cuban was awesome, and all of the staff, with the plane situation. We’ll see if we can go one more [time]. I think Mark is up for it, and we’ll go from there.”

Barea hopes the publicity from his trip, as well as the fundraising efforts of Carmelo Anthony and several Puerto Rican-born baseball players, will raise awareness of the problems facing Puerto Rico, most of which is expected to be without power for several months.

“I don’t think people really know how bad it is,” Barea said. “They know it’s bad, but they really don’t know how bad. We’re in a complete emergency down there.”

Article source: http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/20838899/jj-barea-dallas-mavericks-says-situation-puerto-rico-complete-emergency

Cuban offering Mavs open mic to talk America

Dallas Mavericks players will get the chance to weigh in on the divisive comments made by President Donald Trump and their feelings on the United States.

What NBA world is saying about Trump, protests

Here’s what NBA players, coaches and executives are saying in response to President Donald Trump, protests and the intersection of politics and sports.

The effort is being encouraged by Mavericks owner Mark Cuban, who said it would offer a clear message to fans on where the players stand.

“If they would want to have, as a team, their feelings aired on our JumboTron before a game rather than trying to make a point through a secondary action, whether it’s taking knees, joining arms, whatever it may be, let’s just say what’s on our mind and just be clear to fans what we think,” Cuban told CNBC’s “Squawk on the Street” on Monday, “and if we can take it from there and start a discussion in our community, then that’s a good thing.”

The Mavericks are one of several teams holding their media day on Monday. Questions about Trump’s comments about standing for the national anthem are likely to be pervasive.

Dirk Nowitzki called the current climate “disappointing” while Harrison Barnes said he was surprised that Trump singled out the Warriors’ Stephen Curry.

“It’s tough times for everyone, divisive times,” Nowitzki said. “You’ve got to do your best to stick together and promote love and all the good stuff instead of only bad stuff in the news. That’s where I’m at.”

Said Barnes: “It was surprising that with everything going on in the world that he would take the time to single out Steph’s White House invite — not Steph, but specifically his White House invite. It was bizarre, but at the end of the day, it’s still sad that a year after [Colin] Kaepernick took that knee we’re still not talking about the actual issue which he took the knee for: police brutality and systematic racism and things like that. It’s unfortunate that we’re still talking about kneeling. … In fact, now it’s made more about Trump than what the actual cause was.”

After deadly protests involving white nationalists in Charlottesville, Virginia, last month, Memphis Grizzlies coach David Fizdale has been actively trying to get Confederate symbols such as monuments removed from his city. On Monday, Fizdale said it was Trump who should stand accused of disrespecting military members, not athletes who protest in various ways.

“Look at what he’s doing with North Korea putting our troops in danger right now instigating a war,” Fizdale said. “You know how many troops we have in South Korea and Japan that’s in direct line with where this guy can fire missiles? Obviously the Gold Star family that lost their son … I can keep going on this, guys, you know that.

“So when we talk about disrespecting our military, people need to take a look back at who’s really disrespecting our military and who’s really honoring our military by exercising their rights.”

Detroit Pistons owner Tom Gores released a statement early Monday that did not specifically mention Trump but says “America’s most treasured values include equality and diversity, and the right to effect change through peaceful expression and thoughtful debate.” Gores also said he will support the Pistons players and their right to thoughtfully raise awareness to various causes.

Boston Celtics coach Brad Stevens said during the team’s media day on Monday that the organization supports its players’ right to protest peacefully and promote change.

“I’ve said this from day one: I knew all the great things about the NBA when I got into it, but I think I’ve been more pleasantly surprised by not only the leadership within the league, but just how all the players, they’re great leaders for young people in basketball,” Stevens said. “So when I watch LeBron [James] and watch Steph and listen to [Steve] Kerr, you’re proud to be a part of that. Ultimately, each of our players will choose that.”

Cuban has been an outspoken critic of Trump since the president started his campaign, including tweets that have questioned Trump’s policies and character.

He also has teased possible presidential and vice presidential runs, though he has made no formal effort to pursue office.

In his comments to CNBC, Cuban said Trump needs to be able to take the blowback to his rhetoric.

“If he’s going to dish it out, he’s got to be able to take it,” Cuban said. “I don’t expect him to apologize, but if this is the new presidency, where our president wants to mix it up, and obviously he does, whether it’s North Korea — God help us — or sports or me or public figures or anybody, then this is the new reality we live in, and that makes him fair game.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Article source: http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/20813910/dallas-mavericks-owner-mark-cuban-offer-players-opportunity-discuss-united-states-media-day

Cuban lends Mavs plane to Barea for PR relief

3:44 PM ET

DALLAS — Mavericks owner Mark Cuban loaned the team plane to point guard J.J. Barea to transport food, water and supplies to Barea’s native Puerto Rico to aid in the recovery from Hurricane Maria.

Barea left Monday afternoon and plans to return Tuesday night, missing the first day of Mavs training camp.

“I was really proud of J.J. and how quickly he got involved and how hard he worked to make all of this happen,” Cuban told ESPN in a text message.

“That’s a situation that he’s got to take care of,” coach Rick Carlisle said. “Mark gave him our team plane. They loaded up a bunch of stuff, supplies, etc., to take over to Puerto Rico, and they’re going to turn around and come back. He’s going to take his mom and grandmother back with him, and my understanding is his dad is going to stay over there and slug it out with all of the recovery efforts.”

Barea, the NBA’s only active player who is a native Puerto Rican, did not have any communication with his parents until Sunday. He quickly made plans for his trip home after communicating with family and figuring out where help was needed most.

Barea and his wife, Viviana Ortiz, a Puerto Rican actress and model, organized an online fundraiser after Hurricane Maria devastated their homeland last Wednesday, when it hit Puerto Rico as a Category 4 storm with 155 mph winds. The storm caused major flooding and knocked out electricity and phone service throughout the island, much of which is expected to be without power for months.

Barea’s fundraiser has generated more than $140,000.

Article source: http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/20826278/mark-cuban-lends-dallas-mavericks-guard-jj-barea-team-plane-puerto-rico-hurricane-relief

Cuban for prez? Small chance Mavs owner runs

6:58 PM ET

DALLAS — Mark Cuban is pondering a 2020 presidential campaign, the Dallas Mavericks owner told ESPN on Monday.

“Aspirations? No. Would I consider it? Yes. Am I leaning towards it? No,” Cuban said. “It’s not my all-time goal to be president. It’s certainly not my aspiration to have a political office. I wouldn’t run for any other office. Do I think I can be effective? Yes, but I have no desire to be a politician. If I did something, if I ran for office, if I ran for president, it would be because I thought I could have an impact.

“I wouldn’t walk in saying, ‘Let me get the Republican or Democrat or Independent, at that point, Congress to work with me.’ I’d walk in with very specific programs that either the American people would support or not, and that would get me elected based off of actualities rather than promises. So, hopefully, I wouldn’t be a traditional candidate from that respect.

“But right now, I’d say it’s 90 percent no and 10 percent yes, because I think my wife might divorce me.”

Cuban offering Mavs open mic to talk America

Mavericks owner Mark Cuban says having his team’s players open up on President Donald Trump’s comments would offer a clear message to fans.

  • What NBA world is saying about Trump, protests

    Here’s what NBA players, coaches and executives are saying in response to President Donald Trump, protests and the intersection of politics and sports.

  • Cuban campaigned for Hillary Clinton during the last election and has often criticized or questioned President Donald Trump. Cuban said “whether [Trump] makes it four years” and what unfolds during the rest of Trump’s term are factors that would have an impact on his decision whether to run for president.

    “I’ve got 12, 18 months to decide,” Cuban said. “Just what happens in this country [will influence the decision]. If there’s a situation where I feel that I can provide the best answer, then yeah, I’ll do it. If there’s a situation where there’s somebody else that’s better, then I’ll support them. I’m more concerned with what’s best for this country than what’s best for me.”

    Cuban and Trump had exchanged public barbs for years before Trump’s candidacy. Cuban took a playful jab at Trump on Monday when discussing the president’s recent public statement that NFL players who protested during the national anthem be “fired” or suspended.

    “The last time he said, ‘You’re fired!’ on ‘The Apprentice,’ the ratings weren’t that good,” Cuban said. “Now saying it to the NFL, his poll ratings aren’t so good either.”

    Cuban acknowledged that he would enjoy running against Trump.

    “In a perfect world, yeah, it would be fun,” Cuban said. “But it’s not a perfect world, and I’m more concerned with what’s best for my family and what’s best for the country.”

    Article source: http://www.espn.com/nba/story/_/id/20818707/mark-cuban-dallas-mavericks-owner-says-consider-running-president-not-likely