New Grand Cherokee goes anywhere, in comfort

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee
Wayne Cunningham/CNET)

Jeep made great strides with the new Grand Cherokee, coming up with a premium SUV showing off very nice cabin trim and full-featured electronics. What really impressed us is the Grand Cherokee’s comfortable on-road manners, and its ability to tackle very rugged terrain. We weren’t quite as impressed with the power train, which lags behind other automakers’ level of technology. And the cabin tech interface is a little rough. But features such as adaptive cruise control, blind-spot detection, and an available Wi-Fi hot spot show that Jeep is looking toward the future.

Check out our 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4×4 Limited review.

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the plan is to make images visible from the skies
to remind those in Cancun that we are running out of time
we can’t keep putting this off.

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The 404 708: Where we want DrCoolsex to give us a full-body physical (podcast)

Dustin Drury of the comedy group DrCoolSEx joins the show today to talk about their latest viral video about one of our favorite childhood shows, “Doug,” on Nickelodeon. Joining us as well is Scott Stein and Angela Inferrera. Where is Justin? A couple of a printer reviews needed to take priority…

Doug the Movie Poster Image

Doug the Movie



You may only remember Doug, if you’re in your mid-20s, but it was certainly a childhood favorite of ours. If not, YouTube it! While you’re at it, check out DrCoolSex’s parody trailer of a grown-up Doug. You might remember them from the viral movie trailer about Mario Kart.

DrCoolSex videos seem to be out of the ordinary on YouTube these days. Especially given the recent news that every single minute, users upload 35 hours of video! The Internet certainly allows users to take away the power from publishers, but to be frank, a lot of it seems to be crap.

We get to one voice mail about show segments. If you haven’t noticed, we’re not exactly the most reliable people on pretty much anything. But we are trying! Maybe if someone wants to be an intern? Finally, we get to a story about Facebook possibly offering e-mail to all of its users on Monday. Most of us agree that Gmail works great for us, but I’m thinking that every tween out there is pretty much going to think I’m lame if I don’t use Facebook e-mail.

Episode 708

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T-Mobile introduces new tethering plan, plus promotional packages

T-Mobile has announced that it will implement its $14.99 monthly unlimited tethering and mobile Wi-Fi hot-spot plan starting November 14. This will be on top of any data plan you purchase, and the phone must support this feature in the first place. Right now those phones include the T-Mobile MyTouch 4G, the T-Mobile G2, and the LG Optimus T, with more devices to come as firmware updates get rolled out. At the same time, T-Mobile is offering the 200MB data plan for $10 a month, but bear in mind that tethering won’t work with it.

In time for the holidays, T-Mobile is also offering two promotional plans–one for individuals, and one for families. The individual Even More package has 1,500 voice minutes, unlimited messaging, unlimited T-Mobile-to-T-Mobile calls, and unlimited data for $80 a month. The family plan has the same features except it has 3,000 voice minutes instead, and will cost $150 a month. Both plans require new contracts, and there’s no word on when the promotion will end.

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5 car video game crossovers we want to see

In light of the Jeep Wrangler making an appearance in the new Call of Duty: Black Ops, and the associated Wrangler Black Ops edition offered by Jeep, we came up with five other video game
car crossovers we would like to see. We looked at the top games either available now or coming soon on GameSpot, and picked five likely candidates for a crossover deal.


Fallout: New Vegas

Ford Shelby GT500
If we’re roaming the post-apocalyptic wastelands around New Vegas, we want to do it Mad Max-style. The Shelby GT500 has the mean looks and high horsepower to deal with missions in the Fallout world, and, most importantly, the engine has a blower. A Fallout edition Shelby GT500 should be primer black with gloss stripes.

Fable III

Mitsubishi i-MievWith its pumpkin shape, the i-Miev would best fit in the fairytale world of Fable. These adventure games often require a lot of tedious walking from place to place, so we would rather drive. And the i-Miev’s silent power train won’t disturb the mythological creatures in the world. A Fable edition i-Miev would need appropriate livery, a heraldic design with plugs and lightning bolts.

Halo: Reach

Infiniti FX50Let’s face it, the Warthog has been around for a long time. It’s time for an update, and we can think of no more space-age-looking vehicle than the Infiniti FX50. With its big, powerful V-8 and all-wheel drive, it can tear across the landscape, mowing down anything that gets in your way. Of course, the game version will need a .50-caliber gun mounted out of the sunroof.

Kinect Joy Ride

Kinect Joy Ride

Mazda MX-5 MiataOn the cartoony racetracks of Kinect Joy Ride, no car would fit in better than the Miata. Mazda’s newest styling language gives the front of the Miata a big, silly grin. The car is pretty much a cartoon already. For the Joy Ride edition, it will need some CarLashes.

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

Lexus GX 460The main character in Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood leads his revolution, occasionally using wagons to strike at opponents. But a Lexus GX 460 would give him the ability for quick drive-bys. Imagine this big SUV pulling up fast to the curb, loaded with assassins wielding crossbows and unleashing a volley at the bad guys. The Assassin’s Creed edition of the GX 460 would need wood paneling, of course, for a better fit in this world.

What cars would you like to see in video games, outside of the obvious Need for Speed and Gran Turismo franchises? Tell us in the comments.

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This week in Crave: Tron, Google raises, Boxee

It was Galaxy Tab week here at Crave, for sure, as carriers and retailers get ready to sell what some are considering the first real challenger to the
iPad. But that’s not all that we’ve talked about, because that’s not how we roll. This week has also been about giveaways, cases, and Internet TV.

A must-have iPad case.

Credit: CNET/Sarah Tew)

? We’re giving away a Mint robot floor cleaner. Don’t you need one?

? Boxee’s hardware gets Netflix and Hulu Plus.

? We go all crazy over the best iPad cases.

? OK, so something about the Galaxy Tab: How do you feel about a 10-incher?

? Have you heard about this Black Ops thing people keep talking about?

? Apple pushes out a new OS update, a new iTunes, but not an iOS update as many thought.

? Congratulations on the raise, Google employees!

? The TSA’s getting heat for wanting to see you all naked.

? History Channel comes to your Windows Phone.

? I want to see Tron Legacy so bad I can taste it. In 3D!

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