New Nissan Leaf comes to the UK with battery leasing option, extended range


  • New British-built version boasts over 100 improvements
  • Three trim levels offer buyers plenty of choice
  • Battery leasing available for the first time
  • Enhanced battery warranty gives added peace of mind

The next generation of Nissan’s all-electric LEAF has arrived – and for the first time, buyers can lease batteries for the 100% electric car and choose one of three trim levels.

A new pricing structure has been introduced to reflect the three trim levels and the battery-leasing options now available – but things are far from complicated. Cars bought with leased batteries will be known as ‘Flex’ models and buyers will be able to get behind the wheel of an entry-level Visia LEAF .

The new LEAF features more than 100 improvements over its predecessor – many of which were made as a result of feedback from Nissan’s active community of LEAF owners.

Most notably, the car’s range has been extended from 109 miles to 124 miles. And its battery is capable of recharging in about half the time of the first-generation LEAF.

The longer range has been achieved by improving the LEAF’s aerodynamics and its regenerative braking system and a more efficient E-powertrain. The real world range has also been improved with the introduction of a new heating system which is 70 per cent more efficient through the use of a heat pump in the system.

But that’s far from the whole story. New interior trim, the addition of Nissan’s Around View Monitor technology and new suspension settings specifically tailored for European roads build on the LEAF’s unique driving experience.

The three trim levels available to buyers are Visia, Acenta and Tekna. All models have increased boot space because of the relocation of the charging point and an enhanced interior trim. There is a height adjust facility on both front seats and more foot space for passengers.

At the top of the range, Tekna features a BOSE™ energy-efficient sound system with a subwoofer and seven speakers. In addition, there are 17-inch alloys and LED headlamps.

Whichever route buyers choose to LEAF ownership, peace of mind is assured with Nissan’s enhanced battery warranty. The warranty on the previous-generation LEAF’s battery covered it against defective materials or workmanship for five years. The extended warranty also protects against capacity loss, with a commitment to repair or replace a battery which falls short of what might reasonably be expected***.

Nissan’s announcement of a new era for emission-free motoring continues to drive the electric revolution forward. Owning an electric car has never been more appealing. Some of the benefits are well-known, such as the lack of Vehicle Excise Duty and exemption from the London congestion charge, but it’s becoming easier to charge up a Nissan LEAF on the move with more public charging points opening all the time. And of course, the cost of a full battery charge is a fraction of the price of a tank of petrol.

Jim Wright, Managing Director of Nissan Motor (GB) Ltd, said: “We are very proud of the new Nissan LEAF, which underlines our commitment to the future of electric motoring.

“With more than 100 improvements over the outgoing model, it really does mark the next stage in the electric motoring revolution. Built at our record-breaking Sunderland plant for British drivers using British roads, we’re looking forward to it becoming our next home-grown success story.”

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T-Mobile’s iPhone 5 ad is a low-budget revolution

Vive La Revolution. What’s the German for that?

T-Mobile/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

It takes a revolution to effect a revolution.

This is the modest hope of T-Mobile, as it attempts to wean the American public off two-year plans.

In order to introduce the
iPhone 5 to its mold-breaking community, the company has decided to keep it fairly simple.

Yes, it’s co-opting the revolution for its own purposes.

It describes the iPhone 5 as having revolutionized phones. Just as T-Mobile is revolutionizing carriers.

This revolution is, though, being effected with a seemingly small budget.

Yes, there’s a little shattering of glass, but it’s not as if they pushed the boat out to get Catherine Zeta-Jones — or even a look-alike — to add a little glamor to the revolution.

And that music, I know it from somewhere. Goodness, its the “Star-Spangled Banner,” isn’t it? I wonder how much the rights were to that.

Still, T-Mobile is casting itself as the home of the brave, yes? That’s revolutionary.

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Mavs sign Josh Akognon for rest of season

The Mavericks on Saturday announced they’ve signed guard Josh Akognon to a rest-of-the-season contract after Akognon’s original 10-day deal expired Friday. has learned that Akognon’s deal includes a team option for the 2013-14 season that will, at the very least, ensure he’s a Maverick through the summer.

Akognon made his NBA debut in Wednesday’s home loss to Phoenix and made his only shot in totaling two points and an assist in four minutes.

He’s the third in a series of young guards that the Mavericks have auditioned on 10-day deals during the second half of the season, following Chris Wright and Justin Dentmon out of the D-League.

The 5-foot-11 combo guard was the Mavericks’ final cut in training camp and spent the bulk of the season in China, leading the Chinese Basketball Association in scoring. The former Big West Conference Player of the Year went undrafted out of Cal State Fullerton in 2009 but led the Titans to their first NCAA Tournament berth in 30 years in 2008.

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AirBeats / AirHarp creator demos his forthcoming Leap Motion music apps


When it comes to developing music apps, Leap Motion’s naturalistic interface seems like a no-brainer. Sure it doesn’t offer the sort of tactile feedback you get from an actual instrument, but it certainly beats the heck out of, say, a keyboard and mouse. Adam Somers is among the early developers looking to bring a little bit of music magic to the tiny peripheral, and he gave us a sneak peak of what he’s working on at a Smule event in San Francisco earlier this week.

The simpler of the two apps is AirHarp. Still in early developer preview mode, the program is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: a virtual harp. Hold your hand out and strings light up — tap down and you can pluck them. Reach in a bit and you can strum with one or several fingers. More impressive is AirBeats, a virtual machine with two pads and a slew of sounds that lets you record tracks. Somers is hoping to have at least one of the apps out in time for Leap Motion’s upcoming launch. You can check out demos after the break.

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Soft-porn TV star refuses to wear electronic tag, says career-threatening

Dalzell’s self-presentation on Twitter.

Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET)

I have never presented a pornographic show on television, but I imagine it’s quite stressful.

The normal scrutiny afforded TV personalities is surely doubled when your show has carnality at its core.

It is, then, understandable why a 19-year-old adult TV presenter, Sophie Dalzell, was mortified on being told by a judge that she must wear an electronic tag on her ankle.

“You can’t do that to me!” she cried. “No one can do that to me!”

Actually, I did make that whole quote up. What transpired in reality was that she refused to wear the tag and had to go back to court.

As the Daily Mail reports, she had previously been found guilty of criminal damage upon the driver of a BMW (and his
car) and had been remiss in carrying out her community service order.

So a security firm came to her house to fit her with the tag, which she was to wear for 8 weeks.

Dalzell, from Manchester, England, insisted that she couldn’t possibly allow this, as it would ruin her looks. She would, so surely, be fired from a job that requires perfection at all times.

You will wish to apply for a porn TV presenter’s job yourself when I tell that when she went back to court, she actually won her appeal. She was merely fined 200 British pounds (around $300) and told to pay another 75 British pounds in costs.

After the case, Dalzell was quite adamant that her glamorous life had been threatened by electronic imperfection. She told the Mail: “A tag on my ankle wouldn’t look very good. It’s an eyesore. Your appearance is everything. I’m still mad about the whole situation.”

You might be mad about the whole situation too when I tell you that her lawyer told the court that she has given up the adult TV life in order to do other types of glamorous work, such as modeling and hosting.

Somehow, one feels that the court might have been a touch lenient here.

Still, as many stars do, she took to her Twitter account to express her inner thoughts and feelings.

One example: “I just want perfect skin and hair and teeth and body proportions and endless supplies of money and intelligence is that too much to ask for.”

Here’s another: “People pissing me Off judging me on whats wrote in the paper! Yous know f*** all and I was a victim whos been f***ing punished!!!!!”

Victimhood, like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder.

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Vince Carter shows why Mark Cuban wants to keep him

DALLAS — All due respect to Dirk Nowitzki, but he’s not the Mavericks veteran owner Mark Cuban is most sympathetic toward after the team failed to qualify for the playoffs.

[+] Enlarge
Vince CarterMatthew Emmons/USA TODAY SportsVince Carter had a commanding performance Friday against the Nuggets. It’s that type of effort that has Mavs owner Mark Cuban convinced he’ll remain with the team after his contract expires.

Cuban feels worse for Vince Carter, who signed a three-year deal worth a little more than $9 million with the then-defending champions because he desperately wanted a chance to compete for a championship near the end of his potential Hall of Fame career. The 36-year-old Carter has been a tremendous bargain for the Mavs, although he’ll enter the last season of his contract with a grand total of zero playoff wins in Dallas.

“Vince is a warrior,” Cuban said before Friday’s game. “All these things I’ve heard in the past about him being soft and not playing hard, f— that. That dude comes out to deliver every f—ing night.”

Case in point: Carter’s spectacular outing in Dallas’ 108-105 overtime win over the Denver Nuggets. In the Mavs’ first game after being eliminated from playoff contention, Carter put up 22 points, 12 rebounds, seven assists, two blocked shots and a steal in 34 max-effort minutes.

It was a performance that epitomized the pride and professionalism that Carter, an eight-time All-Star who had a bad rap for being a bit of a prima donna before signing with the Mavs, has consistently displayed during his time in Dallas.

It’s the kind of performance that has Cuban convinced that Carter, whose .500 beard has several gray strands, is a keeper even after his contract expires next summer.

“He’s just a first-class guy who busts his ass every f—ing game,” Cuban said. “You never look at Vince and say he’s taking a play off. He’s taking charges. … You guys talk about doing it for Dirk; doing it for Vince is just as important.

“He just wants to compete and win, period, end of story. All the s— I heard from the past, I don’t know where that came from. I’m proud that he’s on the Mavericks. The guy lays it out every time. I can’t put it any other way. He’s one of those guys I want to retire here.”

Mavericks Rewind: The Decadent Dozen

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Carter, who is averaging 13.3 points per game and playing outstanding defense in his first season as a sixth man, broke into a big smile after being informed of Cuban’s comments, particularly the part about signing him to another contract.

“That’s why he’s my guy,” Carter said, laughing. “That’s why he’s my guy. I worked my butt off this summer for a lot of reasons, just to prove that I’m still capable at this tender age, and I think he appreciates that. He’s a fiery guy, very passionate about the game, as we all know. That’s what he looks for.

“Just coming in and seeing what he’s all about, he’s a great owner to work for, just for the simple fact that he just wants to win. That’s kind of how I approach the game. I just want to win. For the people who don’t know me or didn’t know me before, I think now they’re starting to understand.

“Yeah, I can put the ball in the basket or whatever, but I just want to win and see my team succeed. It’s just great that it’s appreciated by the top dog.”

When he came to Dallas, fresh off playing for three teams in three seasons, Carter had a lot to prove. He wanted to show he still had a lot of game at his advanced age, and he wanted to eliminate any doubt that winning was his top priority.

Carter promised to do whatever the Mavs needed him to do to help them win, regardless of position or role. He’s done that, accepting the sixth-man job and playing the majority of his minutes at small forward.

PODCAST Rick Carlisle joins Galloway Company to discuss the Mavericks playing after being eliminated from playoff contention, who he wants to keep for next season and much more.

Listen Listen

He promised to play as hard as possible every minute he was on the floor. He’s done that, as evidenced by his leading the team in charges drawn by a wide margin.

“I’ve prided myself on being one of the older guys that wanted to play every game possible and go harder than everybody out there,” Carter said. “They do go hard, but for me, I just want to compete at the same level as the younger guys and set the example. We want that to be the way of life around here.”

Carter has more than held up his end of the bargain for the past two seasons, disappointing as they’ve been from a team standpoint.

As far as Cuban is concerned, Carter has a bright future around here.

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