Can this really be Roddy Beaubois’ breakout season?

DALLAS — Stop us if you’ve heard this before: The Mavericks believe this will be Rodrigue Beaubois’ breakout season.

Or maybe that’s just hope. It’s hard to really buy in to the Roddy B hype after it fell flat the last two years and the Mavs stocked up on other backcourt alternatives this offseason.

Heck, hope was so alive that the Mavs put Beaubois on billboards with a bold prediction from coach Rick Carlisle that the kid would become a superstar.

That was two years ago, when he was fresh off a rookie campaign that featured several flashes of brilliance highlighted by a 40-point performance. Beaubois has been much more miss than hit since then, with injuries and inconsistency the two major storylines of his last two seasons.

So … anybody really believe that this is the year Roddy B will finally be the impact player the Mavs envisioned when Mark Cuban labeled him essentially off-limits in trade discussions?

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Rodrigue BeauboisSam Forencich/NBAE/Getty ImagesRodrigue Beaubois vows to do everything he can to make an impact for the Mavericks this season.“I’m going to do everything possible to make sure that it is,” Beaubois said.

That’s not just talk. Beaubois, the shy guy from Guadeloupe, doesn’t do a whole lot of talking. He has been putting in a lot of work, however.

Beaubois is consistently the last man off the practice floor, often joined by new starting shooting guard O.J. Mayo. They competed in shooting drills for an hour after Monday’s practice ended.

It’s been that way since the summer. It’s gotten to the point that Mayo can actually understand Roddy B’s thick-accented trash talk.

“We’ve been here for about a month and a half, so I’m starting to catch on to his lingo,” Mayo said, laughing. “He’s got to get his R’s together, but he’s good to go. He’s my man. He’s a workaholic. He’s always down to get in the gym, get some shots up and get to work.”

This was Beaubois’ first NBA offseason with a clean bill of health. The foot fracture he suffered two summers ago while practicing with the French national team is no longer a factor.

“Right now, we’re through that,” Carlisle said. “One of the curses of having his kind of athletic ability is you show these flashes of brilliance. That can be difficult to sustain on a consistent basis. He’s just got to play his game and he’s got to stay healthy.”

Carlisle’s confidence in Beaubois dipped so low last season that the combo guard played a grand total of a dozen minutes while the Mavs were swept out of the first round in four games. Carlisle says the Mavs need Beaubois this season, but he’s also quick to point out that they have a glut of guard options behind starters Darren Collison and Mayo, including solid vets Delonte West and Vince Carter and first-round pick Jared Cunningham.

However, Carlisle does seem truthfully optimistic that Beaubois has turned a corner. The coach points out that Beaubois, who implemented boxing into his offseason workout program, has never been stronger or in better shape. Carlisle says he thinks Beaubois’ work this summer is “going to bear fruit for him.”

Beaubois is injury free and has three seasons of experience. There are no excuses for him not to establish himself as at least a reliable member of the Mavs’ rotation.

“It all adds up to this is his time to make a statement,” Carlisle said.

That’s not quite billboard material, but the Mavs aren’t ready to give up on Roddy B.

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Eye-Fi releases 16GB Pro X2 wireless SD card, chops $20 from the price of the 8GB models

More Speed and Space, Eye-Fi Unveils 16GB Wireless Memory Card

Improved Class 10 Speed Allows For Faster Performance; Right in Time for Holidays

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif., October 3, 2012 – Eye-Fi Inc. (, makers of the world’s first wireless memory card, has announced today a new Eye-Fi Pro X2 16GB, Class 10 card that increases both storage and speed capabilities while continuing to deliver convenient, reliable wireless upload of photos and videos from cameras. The new 16GB card provides twice the storage capacity of the prior Pro X2 card, while the Class 10 performance delivers ultra-fast read and write speeds. That means more power and speed for the same retail price of $99.99. And, the new Pro X2, like Eye-Fi’s other X2 series cards, enables you to wirelessly connect a camera to a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet, or use an authorized WiFi network to move content directly to a computer.

“Cameras have more megapixels, and pictures and videos are more demanding in terms of size. Moving to a 16GB, Class 10 card keeps up with these trends and delivers what our customers have been asking for,” said Yuval Koren, CEO and co-founder of Eye-Fi. “Customers already know and love our Eye-Fi cards for instant wireless uploads, so the added space and faster speeds are a great addition, especially with the highest-volume photo days coming up.”

Anyone with the new 16GB, Class 10 card can immediately use Eye-Fi’s popular features to:
 Upload anywhere: users can instantly upload images to their home computer,
smartphone or tablet, either connecting wirelessly to the device with Direct Mode or
over an authorized WiFi network
 Shoot forever with endless memory mode: Cards can be set to automatically free-up
space after photos videos are transferred, so photographers never have to worry
about running out of space
 Transfer RAW files: as with the prior Pro X2, the highest resolution photos can transfer
 Back-up automatically: Pictures are safely stored on a home computer or Eye-Fi’s cloud,
Eye-Fi View – a great relief if the camera is lost or stolen
 Share in real-time: Card can be set to automatically share with selected social networks
or photo sharing sites (Facebook, Flickr, etc.)
 Geotag pictures immediately: Eye-Fi’s auto WPS Geotagging feature tags photos,
allowing users to instantly see where memories were made

Eye-Fi Pro X2 16GB card is available for pre-orders that ship within the United States for $99.99 USD from The card will also be available, within the coming weeks, for customers in Australia for $108.00 AUD and Japan for ¥9980. With the launch of the new Eye-Fi Pro X2 16GB card, the previous Eye-Fi Pro X2 8GB and the Eye-Fi Mobile X2 8GB will be reduced from $99.99 to $79.99 and $79.99 to $59.99, respectively, starting this month. For more information, visit

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NTT DoCoMo Grip UI: Look ma, one hand!


NTT DoCoMo has always showcased interesting concepts at trade shows. For example, we saw a breathalyzer in a smartphone and an ultra-high-speed charging jacket at Mobile World Congress earlier this year.

This time, at Ceatec in Japan, NTT DoCoMo has come up with a concept handset that can be operated with one hand simply by gripping it in various ways.

The Grip UI, which is really a combination of hardware (pressure sensors on the back and both sides of the phone) and software, can be applied to activate shortcuts for opening apps or unlocking the phone.

According to Engadget, each of the three sensors on the prototype phone detects “up to five levels of pressure from your hand, as well as detecting how you’re holding the device.”

We imagine that this would be useful for one-handed usage, for example while you’re commuting. It could also make big smartphones, such as the 5.5-inch Samsung Galaxy Note 2, more palatable for those with small hands.

NTT DoCoMo also unveiled the i beam eye-tracking technology for
tablets. Similar to the Grip UI, it’s ideal for scenarios where you only have one hand free to operate the device. As regular commuters on public transport, we’re looking forward to these concept technologies making their way into our smartphones. However, we wouldn’t count on seeing them anytime soon.

(Source: Crave Asia)

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European luxury and sport at the 2012 Paris Motor Show (roundup)

PARIS–These may be trying times for the European economy, but that automakers rallied at the 2012 Paris Motor Show, bringing out a variety of new concepts and some model updates relevant to the U.S. buyer. As has become a theme given European interest in CO2 reduction, many of the
cars we saw featured hybrid or electric drive trains. And many new models and updates were what we in the U.S. consider premium cars boasting fine coachwork.

Here is our last day roundup from the 2012 Paris Motor Show.

Wayne Cunningham/CNET

Porsche Panamera Sport Turismo concept

Porsche showed off a new concept at the 2012 Paris Motor Show, a shooting-brake-style car with a plug-in hybrid drive system. With less of a bubble butt than the production Panamera, it will likely still invite controversy.

Antuan Goodwin/CNET

Mini Cooper Paceman

Mini reshuffles its Countryman crossover to create its seventh new model, the Mini Paceman sports activity coupe.

2013 Range Rover

Wayne Cunningham/CNET

Range Rover

The Range Rover got a much needed update for 2013, which debuted at the 2012 Paris Motor Show. The newest version of the old warhorse goes to a lightweight aluminum body while keeping its powerful engine and off-road capability.

Antuan Goodwin/CNET

Honda CR-Z

Honda’s hybrid sports coupe gets a bit more power and a new S+ feature that behaves like an electric nitrous boost.

McLaren P1

Wayne Cunningham/CNET

McLaren P1 concept

McLaren, known for its innovative sports car, the MP412C, unveils its next two-seat racer, the McLaren P1. CNET’s Wayne Cunningham takes a look at the concept car and gives us his thoughts at the 2012 Paris Motor Show.

Nissan Terra SUV concept

Wayne Cunningham/CNET

Concept car gallery

This year’s Paris Motor Show featured quite a few concepts, design studies from major automakers featuring new technologies such as electric drive systems.

And if you want to take in the entire show in what photo gallery, visit our Paris Motor Show mega gallery, with all the new cars along with some other sights from the show floor.

Click here for full coverage of the 2012 Paris Motor Show.

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Mavericks waive DJ Mbenga, Tu Holloway

The Mavericks waived Tu Holloway and DJ Mbenga on Tuesday.

Mbenga, 32, last played in the NBA with New Orleans in 2010-11 and was part of two championship teams with the Los Angeles Lakers after leaving Dallas.

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Zero Motorcycles reveals its 2013 models: Zero X dropped, FX drafted in

Zero Motorcycles reveals its 2013 models: Zero X dropped, FX drafted in

The failing weather reminds us we’re fast approaching the end of another year, but Zero Motorcycles wants to brighten our day with the announcement of its 2013 all-electric line-up. Immediately noticeable are the harder lines and healthy dose of matt black on the frames of the Zero S, DS, XU and MX refreshes. New to the team is the FX “Stealth Fighter” (pictured above), touting the fastest acceleration of any Zero moto to date and taking design cues from the late Zero X, which has been removed from the roster. As well as aesthetic improvements to the bikes, each Z-Force motor should produce up to 125% more power than previous iterations, and an optional CHAdeMO charging accessory will juice you up in around an hour. Companion iPhone and Android apps will also be available, allowing you to customize your ride’s performance and review other info. The class of 2013 will be hitting retailers throughout January and February, with MSRPs of the basic spec models running from $7,995 to $13,995, depending on your wants and needs. Head over to the source link to review your hardware options and, more importantly, choose your color scheme.

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