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Bob’s Burgers Pins Available Now!

Whats the story behind the new Kidrobot x Bob’s Burgers Pins? Well.. its not the first Bob’s Burgers things to hit but it sure is something great… let’s let Chris Holt aka The Toy Viking be the one to tell you!

It’s not all toys and rainbows here at Kidrobot and sometimes we have to think about things less pleasant.  One of those things is the post apocalyptic dystopia that we could be faced with one day.  Now while some folks may prepare for such a situation by building a fallout shelter or stocking up on canned beans (I hope you have a good way to filter the air after cracking open a few tins of those) we are taking a different approach.  You won’t see this on the news and your financial adviser won’t tell you about it either, but we’re predicting pins will be the currency of choice in the future.  Yes, you’ll be able to proclaim your gold tier status in the apocalypse by covering yourself in awesome pins.  Cash won’t get your sedan converted into a wasteland death machine, but these bad boys from Bob’s Burgers will.

Theories suggest that this cartoon about a family’s hamburger joint is set in Southern New Jersey, which is where I happen to live.  Someone who is industrious should totally build one and create an awesome tourist attraction.  The wait staff could dress up as the characters and the restaurant itself could be an exact reproduction from the show.  When I open it dont try and pay with pins though; cash is still king until it isn’t.

These will make a great addition to your wardrobe, or you could get one of those cork boards and load that sucker up with em.  Or do whatever you like with them, cause I’m not trying to run your life. They are sold blind box style and available right now from

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Yukky World Leif Spinach

Yukky World is bulked up and ready for release! Chris Holt aka the Toy Viking is ready for explain the inside scoop on Leif Spinach.

While he may be known for helping you get really strong, Leif Spinach can’t even take advantage of his own minerals to go workout at the gym or save a damsel in distress.  That’s because he was born without muscles.  He’s a just a tin can filled with greens that do him absolutely no good.  Yeah, he wishes he could body slam you for looking at him sideways but he’ll have to be content knowing that most people would rather eat a hot dog than go anywhere near the nutrition he’s packing.  Lucky for you he doesn’t have arms or there would be a mean headlock coming your way!

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Yukky World Slippery Pete

Ya know who is a real joker?? Chris Holt and we don’t mean that in a bad way! Chris Holts speaks up for those less outspoken.. this time its for the Yukky World plush! Give it a read!

Whether spinning your go cart out of control in the middle of a race or providing a bit of comic relief for anyone BUT the person that steps on him, Slippery Pete is a classic prankster.  Sure, go ahead and rob him of his potassium, cause the joke’s gonna be on you when he finds himself beneath your shoes.  One misstep and you’re on the injured reserve. No one but Pete himself knows how he got there, and he’ll be laughing the whole way to the emergency room.


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Yukky World Johan Mold Apple

An apple a day may not actually keep the doctor away, as this guy will send you straight to the gastroenterologist.  Meet Johan Mold Apple.  He’s rotten all the way down to the core, and instead of being chock full of vitamins he is home to a freeloading worm who doesn’t believe in the concept of paying rent.  That’s enough to make anyone a bit sour.

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Kidrobot x The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Mini Series!

Chris Holt knows the story and here it is! Brock Broccoli loves nothing more than…

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Yukky World Brock Broccoli

Chris Holt knows the story and here it is!

Brock Broccoli loves nothing more than the look on a child’s face when they see him on their plate.  They cringe, they cry, they scream and shout, but no one escapes his wrath.  Sure he may look like a tiny little forest for an adorable little diorama but deep down he’s a bad bushy headed dude that wants nothing more than ruin every meal he comes near.

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