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Yummy World XL Fortune Cookie Now Available on

Another awesome Throwback Blog brought to you by our good friend Chris Holt, aka The…

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Andy Warhol Is Here!

Another awesome Throwback Blog brought to you by our good friend Chris Holt, aka The…

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Kidrobot’s Throwback Thursday! Yummy World Hats

Thursday already?? We love when the weeks go by and get us to our Throwback Thursday brought to you by our good friend Chris Holt aka The Toy Viking. This time he makes a serious point about the Yummy World Hats that are available online at

Winter is fast approaching, and not just in the world of fantasy television.  Soon the temperatures will drop, the snow will fall, and walking to your car in the morning will require the balance of a professional hockey player.  Most of your body’s heat is lost through your head, so trap as much of it as you can with these Yummy World hats. Everyone that you see will think that not only are you the picture of toastyness, but you also like fun and cute things.  I use them to offset my permanent scowl, which is the result of genetics and not a perpetual dissatisfaction with things around me.  I swear to you I am enjoying myself even if I look like I would rather be anywhere else.





Ignore your mother’s pleading and wear your food on your head because that is the truth path to awesomeness.  The first step of your journey starts at

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The New Yummy World Large Plush Now Available

Good things take time… we are sorry for how long it took to get the new Yummy World plush from the creative designers dreams to your arms but we kinda aren’t because the best things in life take time. The new Yummy World Large Plush is here for you to hold, love, and gift to those who deserve it. Don’t believe us? Just read what the trusted Chris Holt aka The Toy Viking has to say about todays release…

This mixture of Yummy World Plush looks like the kind of dinner you think as a kid that you’ll get to eat once you’re an adult.  For years my comeback whenever anyone told me to do something was “I’m an adult and I’ll eat cookies for breakfast” but I never really followed up on it.  One time when we first started dating my wife and I stopped at a convenience store to get snacks for a long drive and I have never been more worried that someone would throw up in my car.  She bought corn chips and chocolate cupcakes and ate them both one after the other.  Separately they are both quality choices, but together they seemed like something that would create a perfect storm in her belly.  I was completely sure that I was going to be doing a lot of driving with my windows down, but to my surprise it was a non event.  Rarely has a feet of human daring impressed me as much.

The great thing about Yummy World is that they are plush, so you can mix and match them all over your house without the fear of crippling digestive issues.  Use em as throw pillows, or calming buddies in a thunderstorm, or gifts for those loved ones who are culinary adventurers.


These zero calorie cuties are available now from

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The Alien Covenent Phunny Plush Available on Now!

And here we go again…we did are adding to the Phunny Plush capsule and keep bringing you the best and the creepiest characters you’ve always wanted to know how it feels to hold close at night. This time we have the perfect explanation on the release of the new Alien Covenent Phunny Plush by Chris Holt aka The Toy Viking available online now at!

If there’s anything I’ve taken away from the Alien franchise, other than the beautifully crafted sets and the even more spectacular creatures, it’s that whatever you do never go off course.  No matter what distress signal you pick up, or country song you hear broadcast in deep space, always stick with your original plan.  Being that I’m bad at doing what I’m supposed to, I have completely ignored this advice and lived to tell the tale.

It was a typical fall morning drive through the great state of Pennsylvania as my wife and I made our way to a renaissance fair.  The possibility of it being the greatest thing I’ve ever seen was almost as intriguing as it being the weirdest, and we were eager to discover which it would be. About twenty miles out we see a sign that was advertising German food and an antique mall, which instantly sparked the fire of curiosity.  A few miles later was another and by this point it was too much to resist.  I pulled the car off the freeway with the intention of eating and continuing to the fair.  By the time we gorged ourselves and walked it off through the biggest antique place I had ever seen it was almost dinner time.  To this day we have still never made it further than that exit.

Ok, so let’s amend the original lesson:  in SPACE you should never divert from your original destination.  Any other time it’s ok, because the risk of running into a Xenomorph or Face Hugger is pretty slim on Earth.  If you have to though, these Phunny plush from Kidrobot are the optimal way to do it.  Featuring characters from the recent film Alien: Covenant, you won’t mind getting close to these softies because they have no intention of using your body to incubate their young.  And cause they’re super cuddly for those times you’re watching a scary movie and you need something to squeeze during those “make you jump” moments.



Both are available now from

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Kidrobot’s Throwback Thursday: Lord Strange

Another awesome Throwback Blog brought to you by our good friend Chris Holt, aka The Toy Viking.. this time we unlock the dark door of Lord Strange by Brandt Peters.

Last week saw the release of the brand new glow in the dark edition of Brandt Peter’s The 13 Dunny series, but no set can be complete without the diabolical mind behind it all….Lord Strange!!!!   I don’t know if he’s a tradition lord like the British have, or if he bestowed the title upon himself, but he sure is strange!  Any doubts of that could be quickly erased by removing his skull mask.  There’s a lot going on underneath it (let’s just say you wouldn’t want to be responsible for paying his bill at the eye doctor) and even more happening in his dark mind.

Complete with dashing top hat, cane, and flaming ears you can invite this mysterious character into your life to help with all your interdimensional portal opening needs.  He’s, like, really good at it.

Add him to your collection today at

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