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Screenleap for Gmail Offers One-Click Screen Sharing from Your Inbox or Google Contacts [Screen Sharing]

Alan Henry

Screenleap for Gmail Offers One-Click Screen Sharing from Your Inbox or Google ContactsChrome: Previously mentioned screen sharing service Screenleap made waves because it allows you to share screens with someone else with a single-click, no plug-ins or client installs required. Now, thanks to the new Screenleap Chrome Extension, you can launch screen sharing sessions from inside of Gmail, using your Google Contacts.

You can still go directly to Screenleap and start a screen sharing session, but the new Chrome extension allows you to launch one from inside of Gmail at any time, without installing a client or a plug-in to make the session work. You’ll notice a new “Share Screen” button right under the “Compose” button, and the plug-in will pre-populate an email with a link to connect to your session that you can fire off to your contacts. If the person you want to share screens with is already a Gmail user and is logged in, you can click “Share Screen” while viewing their contact to launch a session and invite them to it directly via GChat.

Screenleap and its Chrome extension are both free, and the extension is available now in the Chrome Web Store. If you want quick screen sharing, you have plenty of options: you could use Google+, or use another popular service like LogMeIn, TeamViewer, GoToMyPC, or Join.Me. The nice thing about Screenleap is that it doesn’t require installations on either end to work.

Screenleap for Gmail | Chrome Web Store

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Remains of the Day: Skype Bug Sends IMs and Chats to Random Contacts [For What It’s Worth]

Craig Lloyd

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Remains of the Day: Skype Bug Sends IMs and Chats to Random ContactsSkype users are reporting that IMs and chats are being sent to third parties, Apple is rumored to launch OS X Mountain Lion on July 25th, Instagram for Android updates with Flickr and Nexus 7 support, and the latest Chromium build receives keyboard shortcuts for extensions.

  • IM/Chat Issue Skype today acknowledged a rare bug that mistakenly sent users’ instant messages to unknown third parties. While it only seems to be happening to a minority of users, the severity of the bug is huge, and Skype plans on rolling out a fix within the next couple of days. [Skype Heartbeat Blog]
  • Apple Store Overnights Happening July 24. Mountain Lion Launch the Next Day? It’s rumored that OS X Mountain Lion will officially launch on July 25th after speculation that Apple would be preparing its retail stores overnight on the 24th. However, Apple may not officially announce when Mountain Lion will launch until the day of the company’s Q3 2012 earnings call on June 24th. [9to5Mac]
  • Instagram for Android Updates with Flickr Support and Nexus 7 Compatibility Instagram for Android updated today with support for the Nexus 7’s lone front-facing camera, as well as the ability to share photos to Flickr. [Google Play]
  • Keyboard Shortcuts for Extensions Arrives in Newest Chromium Build The latest Chromium build has a new link at the bottom of the extension management page that allows you to set shortcuts for Chrome extensions. After you have the latest build (or have Chrome on dev channel), you’ll want to activate the “Experimental Extension APIs” flag in chrome://flags. [Lifehacker Tips Forum]

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Transform Plastic Milk Crates into Container Gardens [Gardening]

Alan Henry

Transform Plastic Milk Crates into Container Gardens If you’re short on space, or at least space for some plants, here’s one way to build a little container garden that won’t take up a ton of real estate on your floor or patio: use some plastic milk crates. You can find them just about anywhere, and most of us have a few around the house, whether they’re serving as impromptu bookshelves or sitting somewhere dusty holding tools or decorations. Give them a new lease on life, and give yourself a tiny garden.

One item from Food52’s list of easy DIY garden projects (some of which we’ve mentioned before) that stood out to us is the idea of repurposing those plastic milk crates we all had in college or snagged from the back of a convenience store to hold our CDs when we moved. If you put a simple planting cloth or liner, or even some store-bought Spanish moss, hay, or coconut fiber around the sides, soil won’t fall out of the sides and you can plant whatever you like inside, whether it’s a salad box, an herb garden, a few spring onions, or another space-saving, apartment-friendly plant.

Looks like a good idea to us. Amy Pennington, writing for Food52, suggest spray painting the outside of your container and letting it dry first, just to give them all a clean look. If you need suggestions on what to plant, we’ve got you covered there, too. What do you think? A decent use of old milk crates? Have a better way to go about it? Let us know in the discussions below.

6 DIY Garden Projects You Can Do Right Now | Food 52

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Estimate How Much Propane is Left in Your Tank with a Glass of Water [Video]

David Galloway

Estimate How Much Propane is Left in Your Tank with a Glass of Water You don’t want to run out of propane halfway through your outdoor dinner party. Culinary weblog Chow shares a quick way to estimate how much propane is left in your tank; disconnect the tank from your grill and pour a glass of warm water along one side of the tank—areas with with propane will absorb the heat from the water and feel cold to the touch and areas without propane will feel warm.

This isn’t a method for exact measurement, but knowing that a full tank provides around 20 hours of grill time should let you estimate if you have enough propane for your next grilling party.

How to Tell How Much Propane Is Left for Your Gas Grill | Chow

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Make a DIY Wall Shelf Using Crown Molding [DIY]

David Galloway

Make a DIY Wall Shelf Using Crown MoldingInstead of spending $10-20 on a commercial wall shelf why not make your own from a strip of crown molding. You’ll also need a board for the top of the shelf and whatever sandpaper and paint or varnish you need to get it looking the way you want.

Instructables user hoodwoodwork recommends measuring how wide you want the shelf, cutting the sides of the molding to match, and nailing the molding piece to the shelf top. You may want to create another layer of molding as in the photo above—once you’re happy sand and paint or varnish the shelf.

Make a Crown Molding Shelf (Picture Ledge) | Instructables

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Improvise Butterfly Stitches Using Medical Tape [Video]

David Galloway

Improvise Butterfly Stitches Using Medical TapeButterfly Stitches (Steri Strips is a 3M-trademarked name) are great to have in your first-aid kit as they help keep cuts from becoming infected and keep scarring down. But if you don’t have any on hand you can simply twist strips of medical tape to get the same effect.

Survival weblog The Modern Survival shows that medical tape can be pressed into use as a butterfly stitch if you twist the middle portion to keep from sticking to the wound. Butterfly stitches aren’t designed to completely cover a small wound like a Band-Aid; instead they hold both sides of skin together. Another good way to keep a small wound closed is to use super glue. Either way, make sure any small wounds are cleaned out thoroughly and use antibiotic cream such as Neosporin before using any of these methods.

How to Improvise Buttefly Stitches or Steristrips | The Modern Survivalist


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