Verizon lights up improved XLTE data service in 44 states

Well, if the comprehensive leaks from last week weren’t enough, Verizon Wireless has just confirmed that its enhanced XLTE wireless data service is a real thing. Haven’t been keeping tabs on the nuances of nationwide wireless network enhancement? It’s cool: we have, and XLTE is nothing to sneeze at. Here’s the gist of it: if you live in one of the markets where Verizon has been fleshing out its LTE network with AWS spectrum it bought in 2012 (the full list of compatible cities is here) and have the right hardware (here’s another list for you), you should notice some snappier peak data speeds without having to do anything at all. Heck, you may still reap the benefits of Verizon’s appetite for AWS even if you’re not rocking the latest hardware. Data speeds for older devices may improve as people with supported gadgets start leaning more on XLTE — Verizon’s best estimate asserts that a full 35% of the the active devices on its network will benefit from flipping the AWS switch, so we’ll see how much better things get for everyone involved.



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