Parrot unveils Asteroid Smart, Tablet and Mini car infotainment systems, we go hands-on

Parrot ASTEROID: A world of infotainment for vehicles

Parrot once again establishes its technological leadership and its unique vision of in-car infotainment with three new innovative and connected solutions for consumers:
Parrot ASTEROID Mini (Apps, Music and Hands-Free Telephony), Parrot ASTEROID Tablet (Apps, GPS, Music and Hands-Free Telephony) and Parrot ASTEROID Smart (Apps, Navigation, Video, Music and Hands-Free Telephony).

These three systems, forming part of the Parrot ASTEROID development platform of connected products running on Android TM, provide access to a world of services and content in car. With the ASTEROID range, Parrot revolutionizes in-car infotainment and establishes itself as a leading player on the market by offering a performing range of in-car communication systems that match and take advantage of Smartphone functionalities.

Parrot ASTEROID range: a wealth of functionalities

The results of more than four years of research and development, Parrot ASTEROID Mini, Parrot ASTEROID Tablet and Parrot ASTEROID Smart run on AndroidTM and benefit from Parrot technological excellence in terms of hands-free telephony and multimedia systems.
The functionalities included in the three solutions are:

• Infotainment – Access to numerous Apps and content via 3G, 4G key or via Bluetooth or USB tethering from a mobile phone or tablet. – Download new Apps from the ASTEROID Market online store.
• Music – Connection to various musical sources: iDevices, USB key, SD card, MP3 player… – Transfer music files from a mobile phone or tablet in Bluetooth® stereo A2DP. – Search for an artist or album by voice.
• Navigation – Navigation / GPS solutions adapted to each Parrot ASTEROID model.
• Hands-free telephony – Compatibility with all brands of Bluetooth mobile phones on the market; automatic phonebook synchronization; user-independent voice recognition; text-to-speech; simultaneous management of two mobile phones thanks to ‘Parrot Dual Mode’ technology; noise reduction and echo cancelling.

Parrot ASTEROID range: Tailored-made infotainment solutions

• Parrot ASTEROID Smart : Apps, Navigation, Video, Music and Hands-Free Telephony
With its wide 6.2″ color multi-touch screen, the Parrot ASTEROID Smart is a very complete connected multimedia car head unit. Its 2DIN format fits perfectly into the central column of the dashboard in many vehicles.

The selection in the menu of the Parrot ASTEROID Smart is tactile. Equipped with a GPS antenna, the Parrot ASTEROID Smart includes a complete onboard navigation system.
Numerous applications adapted to the size of the screen of the Parrot ASTEROID Smart and to its specific functionalities are downloadable on the ASTEROID Market via 3G, 4G key, by tethering mobile phone or tablet connected by Bluetooth or USB or by connection to a proximity Wi-Fi network: radios and podcasts from all over the world; driving assistance solution; tourist information…

Equipped with various connectors (6 RCA, 1 video input 1 video output), the Parrot ASTEROID Smart can be connected to a rear camera. Availability: November 2012 – MSRP: 599US$

• Parrot ASTEROID Tablet : Apps, GPS, Music and Hands-Free Telephony
The Parrot ASTEROID Tablet has a large 5″ color capacitive multi-touch screen with an integrated GPS antenna. It installs easily to the vehicle’s dashboard or windshield thanks to a repositionable foot.

In the manner of a multimedia tablet, the navigation in the menu is tactile, and a wireless remote control with a sensitive panel also enables to manage functionality like hands-free telephony, selection of music source, music search by the voice…
In addition to accessing Apps and services via 3G, 4G key or by tethering a mobile phone or tablet connected by Bluetooth or USB, the Parrot ASTEROID Tablet can connect to a proximity Wi-Fi network. It is then possible to download, from the ASTEROID Market, a GPS solution and a large selection of applications. Lastly, the Parrot ASTEROID Tablet offers many audio settings thanks to the Virtual SuperBass2 and Sound Spatializer systems. Availability: November 2012 – MSRP: 399 US$

• Parrot ASTEROID Mini : Apps, Music and Hands-Free Telephony
With a 3.2″ color screen, the Parrot ASTEROID Mini installs on the vehicle’s dashboard and comes with a GPS antenna and a wireless remote control to be attached to the steering wheel.

Connected to the Internet via 3G, 4G key or a tethering mobile phone connected by Bluetooth or USB, Parrot ASTEROID Mini accesses the ASTEROID Market in order to download Apps and other services like a simplified GPS system, a music library… Availability: November 2012 – MSRP: 299 US$

Parrot ASTEROID Market: a dedicated Apps store

To provide drivers and passengers with innovative applications and services adapted to in-car usage, Parrot opened an online store: ASTEROID Market. Directly available from a Parrot ASTEROID Mini, Parrot ASTEROID Tablet, Parrot ASTEROID Smart and the Parrot ASTEROID Classic (available since May 2011) connected to the Internet; the ASTEROID Market provides a large number of applications developed by renowned partners. Classified by categories* (Driving assistance, Music, Points of interest…), by price or by number of downloads, users can customize their Parrot ASTEROID solution by selecting the Apps and content that will meet their needs:

Driving assistance

• Best parking • iCoyote • Jetfoo • Fuel for less • Parking • Parrot Maps • Wikango


• Deezer • Orange LiveRadio • Spotify • TuneIn

Navigation/Points of interest

• PagesJaunes • Roadtrip


• Roadhub Communication


• Meteo • iGO Primo • Waze • TextFriendly

*Non exhaustive list. Some apps mentioned above may not be available in some countries.

Parrot ASTEROID Market is also available from a computer connected to the Internet; applications can be downloaded on a SD card and installed on Parrot ASTEROID products within seconds.

Parrot FC6100: The ASTEROID solutions for car makers and equipment manufacturers

The Parrot FC6100 module enables auto manufacturers and equipment manufacturers to integrate all or part of Parrot ASTEROID functionalities to the new generation of vehicle as original equipment. The fully customizable Parrot FC6100 module meets the technological and economic constraints auto manufacturers and equipment manufacturers may face; and the Android environment for the car created by Parrot enables them to develop specific applications available via their own online apps store.

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