The 404 1,069: Where we say goodnight to the bad guy (podcast)


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The dating Web site eHarmony got hit by the same group that released a list of LinkedIn member passwords yesterday, so be sure to change your passwords for both if you have accounts.

Buzzfeed also parsed through the list of leaked passwords to reveal some pretty depressing sentiments from employees. While many accounts used overly simplistic passwords like “LinkedIn” or “password1,” some of the more disturbing pass phrases include things like “suicide,” “solonely,” “iwishiwasdead,” and “divorce.” They’re still not very strong in terms of security, so be sure to add a special character or a number during the bleak changeover.

Laying to rest any stereotypes about the over-the-hill set, a poll by Harris Interactive found that 1 in 10 seniors have sent a saucy text message or picture on their cell phones! I hope some of them tune into today’s show, because Joseph takes his texting privacy very seriously and lends some pro tips on how to keep your private information safe from lurking eyes. Lesson one: hide those tattoos!

No bathroom break video today, but tune in at the halfway mark to hear Joseph’s son performing a clip from “Starships” by Nicki Minaj.

Episode 1,069

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