Solar Impulse completes its round-the-world journey

In March 2015 Solar Impulse 2 took off from Abu Dhabi and tonight it has successfully returned, completing a 40,000km+ round the world trip. It managed the feat “without using a drop of fuel,” becoming the first to manage the feat thanks to sunlight, piloted by Bertrand Piccard and Andre Borschberg. Its arrival is a bit delayed, partially due to some problems with heat-related battery damage, but just making the trip helps the project’s goal to show off the potential of transportation powered by green energy sources.

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Wireless carriers prepare for big traffic at DNC

Enter for your chance to win* a game hardware bundle

One lucky winner will walk away with a gaming monitor, keyboard and mouse. Two lucky runners-up will score a gaming headset.

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Twitter is livestreaming weekly MLB and NHL games

Twitter’s live sports streaming plans are expanding well beyond college games, the NFL and tennis. It just unveiled plans to livestream weekly Major League Baseball and National Hockey League games for free with occasional ads. This won’t replace a TV or internet video subscription (you can only watch if you’re out-of-market, for one thing), but it’ll be widely available: MLB games will be available in most countries worldwide, while NHL matches will be available across the US. You won’t need to log in to start watching, either. And this is apparently just the start, as Twitter is also promising regular programming regardless of the sports you watch.

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Mayer to Yahoos: "I’m planning to stay"

In a letter to Yahoo employees, CEO Marissa Mayer indicates she wants to stay on at the company after its acquisition by Verizon.

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NASA wants more private uses of the International Space Station

NASA doesn’t just see the International Space Station as a place where government space agencies can work together in harmony — it could be a business hub, too. The agency has put out a call for ideas that could increase commercial use of the ISS. Those private outfits have potential uses that researchers hadn’t imagined, NASA says. They could likely take better advantage of the “unique capabilities” of the low-Earth orbit facility, such as hooking up to underused attachment ports.

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DNC head resigns over WikiLeak email dump

​Debbie Wasserman Schultz gives up her post after emails are released showing Democratic National Committee officials worked to undermine Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.

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