Google, Walmart team up to take on Amazon Prime


The Google Home will soon be able to sell stuff from Walmart.


Google and Walmart each just got a valuable partner in their fight against Amazon: each other.

The companies said Wednesday that Walmart in late September will start selling hundreds of thousands of items on the Google Express app and website, as well as the Google Home through voice shopping.

Additionally, Google Express is killing off its annual $95 membership fee, instead letting customers get free deliveries so long as their orders hit each store’s minimum.

The partnership comes at an important time for both companies. Amazon continues to dominate e-commerce, taking up roughly 43 percent of all US online sales, according to Slice Intelligence, thanks in part to its hugely popular Prime membership program. It also made a big play for groceries with its $13.7 billion deal to buy Whole Foods

Walmart, the world’s biggest retailer, is threatened by Amazon’s direct competition, especially because Walmart is the biggest grocer in the US. Google, meanwhile, is also threatened by Amazon, as Amazon expands its inventory to so many items that it’s essentially become a search engine for shopping. On top of that, Amazon is also growing its online ads business, which is Google’s bread and butter.

Still, Google Express, which already partnered with Target and Costco, remains an also-ran in e-commerce. Walmart is a distant second to Amazon in the US, but it has been aggressively pushing to expand online by increasing its inventory, speeding up its shipments and buying up and a handful of other online sellers.

The new partnership could give customers more options to shop and build up the budding world of voice shopping.

Google’s decision to ax its membership fee follows a similar decision by Walmart in January and Jet soon after it launched. They may see no memberships as a useful competitive advantage against Amazon, which gets its members to pay $99 a year for unlimited shipping and other benefits.

Marc Lore, CEO of Walmart’s US e-commerce business, said in a blog post Wednesday that his company is just getting started with voice shopping. He said the company is working on new ways to use Walmart’s 4,700 US stores for voice shopping experiences, including choosing to pickup in store or ordering fresh groceries.

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iHate: CNET looks at how intolerance is taking over the internet.

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Volcano seen from space looks like the entrance to hell

volcanoEnlarge Image

A NASA satellite caught sight of the volcano in Russia spewing ash.

NASA/METI/AIST/Japan Space Systems, and U.S./Japan ASTER Science Team

Russian volcano Shiveluch has been busy kicking out ash and lava for over a decade. NASA describes it as one of the world’s most active volcanoes. A new satellite photo released on Tuesday makes the natural phenomenon look like an angry, ash-gushing gateway to Hades. 

The ASTER (Advanced Spaceborne Thermal Emission and Reflection Radiometer) instrument on board NASA’s Terra satellite captured the eye-opening view on Sunday.  

A large ash plume rises from the volcano. What makes this image look so otherworldly is the bright swathe of clouds surrounding the top of the volcano. A smaller volcano named Bezymianny makes a cameo appearance below its larger kin.  

Shiveluch has experienced an ongoing eruption since 1999, according to the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History Global Volcanism Program. The Kamchatka Volcanic Eruption Response Team monitors volcanoes in the area and reported a 60-mile-long (99- kilometer) ash plume coming from the volcano this month.

The top-down satellite view offers a fascinating perspective on the latest activity at Shiveluch, which is one of the largest volcanoes on Kamchatka Peninsula in the far-east region of Russia. 

NASA operates the ASTER instrument in partnership with a Japanese science team. The Terra satellite tracks pollution and monitors Earth’s climate and atmosphere.

The Smartest Stuff: Innovators are thinking up new ways to make you, and the things around you, smarter.

iHate: CNET looks at how intolerance is taking over the internet.


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Survey: Rookies like Mavs’ Smith to win ROY

2:58 PM ET

The 2017 NBA rookie class is bullish on Dallas Mavericks guard Dennis Smith Jr.

In a survey of 39 rookies conducted by, Smith was voted most likely to win Rookie of the Year.

Smith, the No. 9 draft pick, received 25.7 percent of the vote, while No. 2 pick Lonzo Ball received 20 percent and top pick Markelle Fultz received 17.1 percent.

Vegas split on Ball, Simmons as ROY favorite

Lakers point guard Lonzo Ball opened as the 9-5 favorite to win NBA Rookie of the Year at William Hill’s Nevada sportsbook, but Westgate SuperBook went with Sixers forward Ben Simmons as the favorite at 5-2.

  • Summer Forecast: 2017-18 NBA Rookie of the Year

    Will Lonzo Ball win top rookie honors this coming season? Our ESPN Forecast panel unveils its early projection for the Rookie of the Year race.

  • Smith impressed scouts — and his fellow rookies, apparently — with standout athleticism and explosiveness in the Las Vegas Summer League, where he averaged 17.8 points per game. He figures to play significant minutes in his first NBA season.

    It’s worth noting that this poll doesn’t have a strong history of predicting the eventual award winner. The players surveyed have correctly predicted the Rookie of the Year just once since 2007; Kevin Durant won the award that season. Last season, then-Minnesota Timberwolves guard Kris Dunn (now with the Chicago Bulls) was predicted to win the award, which went to the Milwaukee Bucks’ Malcolm Brogdon.

    Rookies were also asked to name their favorite player. Somewhat surprisingly, two-time MVP Stephen Curry didn’t receive a vote. The voting total for Durant, Curry’s Golden State Warriors teammate, decreased significantly from past surveys. Durant had been the rookies’ favorite player for the past three years, according to the survey.

    This season it was LeBron James, followed by Russell Westbrook and Kawhi Leonard. This is only the second time in eight years that James was named the rookies’ favorite player; 2012 is the other.

    In other voting categories, Utah’s Donovan Mitchell was voted as the “biggest steal” in the draft based on where he was selected. Mitchell, who was picked 13th by the Jazz, also played well in summer league, scoring 24 points per game.

    Phoenix’s Josh Jackson was voted as the top defender in the rookie class. The Kansas standout received 26.3 percent of the vote, followed by Golden State’s Jordan Bell (23.7 percent) and Mitchell (21.1 percent).

    Lastly, Ball and Boston’s Jayson Tatum were tied in the voting for the rookie most likely to have the best overall career. Jackson and Smith tied for third in the category.

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    Super-powered bacteria can harness light for fuels and plastics

    The team did this by using a bacteria that doesn’t normally photosynthesize. Instead, it uses carbon dioxide to generate acetic acid — a chemical that can be used to produce a number of different fuels, polymers and pharmaceuticals. When the researchers gave the bacteria cadmium (a metal) and cysteine (an amino acid), the bacteria synthesized tiny particles of cadmium sulfide on their surfaces. And cadmium sulfide can use light to create energy, boosting the bacteria’s production of acetic acid. It’s like photosynthesis but much more powerful.

    “Rather than rely on inefficient chlorophyll to harvest sunlight, I’ve taught bacteria how to grow and cover their bodies with tiny semiconductor nanocrystals,” Kelsey Sakimoto, one of the researchers on the project, told “These nanocrystals are much more efficient than chlorophyll and can be grown at a fraction of the cost of manufactured solar panels.” The bacteria are 80 percent efficient and self-replicate, passing on the ability to produce the cadmium sulfide particles to new bacteria during replication.

    Others have worked on this same goal with different methods. Some of them require hardware like solar cells, electrodes or nanowires but this process doesn’t require anything extra. “Many current systems in artificial photosynthesis require solid electrodes, which is a huge cost,” said Sakimoto. “Our algal biofuels are much more attractive, as the whole CO2-to-chemical apparatus is self-contained and only requires a big vat out in the sun.”

    The method is still being developed and Sakimoto says there’s a chance that a similar sort of bacteria already exists in nature. “A future direction, if this phenomenon exists in nature, would be to bioprospect for these organisms and put them to use,” he said.

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    Kidrobot x The Adult Swim Pins Available Online Now.

    We all are part of the hype, and even if you aren’t you still understand the importance of the Adult Swim in current day. We’ve given you the medium figure and the mini series without realizing that something was missing so here is Chris Holt aka The Toy Viking to tell you about todays new Adult Swim release…..

    Are you a fan of deviant animation?  Are you a fan of adorning your clothing with shiny things like you’re a human magpie?  Than does Kidrobot ever have the perfect thing for you with this Adult Swim enamel pins series!!!!! Featuring 14 of your favorite characters, these blind box pins are fun to collect, trade, and show your love for those late night toons.  Personally, I want an entire shirt made of Squidbillie pins that I can wear like a suit of armor into battle!!!  If you know of any battles please share because I’m having a hard time finding them where I live.


    These are available now at

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    Hulu brings back TGIF sitcoms in September


    If you’ve wondered about the origins of “Fuller House,” wonder no more.

    Warner Bros.

    The fall season sees the return to Hulu of lots of popular shows like “Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” “The Mindy Project” and “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit.” Fox’s reality-cooking show “Hell’s Kitchen” also returns for its 17th edition. Spoiler: Some chefs will be hopelessly outclassed and Gordon Ramsay will yell at whatever he perceives as incompetence.

    Some older shows are coming to the service in late September. The complete runs of “Full House,” “Family Matters,” “Perfect Strangers,” “Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper” and “Step by Step” start streaming on Sept. 29. Note: I wrote “older shows” and not “classic shows” because reasons.

    Check out the full list below:

    Available on Hulu, September 2017

    Sept. 1

    Sept. 2

    Sept. 3

    Sept. 5

    Sept. 6

    Sept. 7

    Sept. 9

    • The Magnificent Seven (2016)

    Sept. 11

    Sept. 12

    Sept. 13

    • Anomaly (2014)
    • Once Upon a Time in Shanghai (2015)

    Sept. 14

    • South Park, complete season 21 (Comedy Central)
    • Robo-Dog: Airborne (2017)

    Sept. 15

    Sept. 16

    Sept. 19

    • Straight/Curve: Challenging the Beauty (2017)

    Sept. 20

    • Pirates (2014)

    Sept. 21

    • The Commune (2017)
    • Food Evolution (2016)

    Sept. 22

    • Doc McStuffins, complete season 4 (Disney Jr.)
    • Interview with a Hitman (2012)
    • Kiki (2017)
    • Killers (2010)
    • McCanick (2013)
    • Sword of Vengeance (2015)
    • Vengeance of an Assassin (2014)

    Sept. 23

    Sept. 25

    Sept. 26

    Sept. 27

    Sept. 28

    Sept. 29

    Sept. 30

    • Hell’s Kitchen, season 17 premiere (FOX)
    • The Evil in Us (2017)
    • Once Upon a Time in Venice (2017)

    Leaving Hulu in September 2017

    Sept. 30

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